What Will Advanced Time Zone Cream from Estee Lauder Work?

Estee Lauder surprised us with another line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics – Advanced Time Zone. It consists of three products: night cream, day cream with SPF 15 and eye cream. Will they turn out to be effective?

Advanced Time Zone Night is first of the cosmetics from Estee Lauder new line. It is dedicated for all skin types. It should be used in the evening in order for the cosmetic to work faster and more effectively regenerate skin. The cream flattens wrinkles, improves strain and tone up of skin, deeply moisturises and highlights skin. Estee Lauder product was dermatologically tested and it doesn’t cause acne or clog pores.

Advanced Time Zone with SPF 15 is recommended for normal skin with signs of combination or dry skin. It stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production. It has light consistency, so it applies easily, absorbs fast and doesn’t leave greasy layer – can be used as a make-up base. This cream from Estee Lauder consists of SPF 15, which protects skin against discolourations, wrinkles and sunburns.

Last of the Advanced Time Zone line is eye cream. It can be used by all women, no matter skin type or age. Cosmetic reduces wrinkles (including crow’s feet), dark circles around the eyes and puffiness caused by fatigue and improper skin care. It should be applied in the morning and/or in the evening on the skin in the eyes area. Estee Lauder cosmetic shouldn’t cause irritations – because it was ophthalmologist tested.

Advanced Time Zone cosmetics from Estee Lauder have violet jars. Day and night creams have 50ml/1.7 Oz. (the last one can also be bought in smaller 30ml/1 Oz. version). However, eye cream has 15ml/0.5 Oz. jar.

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