3 Steps towards Full and Lovely Lips: Lip Care, Scrubs, Make-Up

Lovely, plump, smooth lips are definitely wanted. To keep them beautiful, we need to care for them. There are 3 easy steps to follow! Check how to nourish your lips and highlight them.

Lip is one of the areas with the thinnest skin and thus is extremely exposed to drying out or damage. It has no sweat glands while sebum glands are too few to give sufficient protection against loss of water. To make things worse, the lip skin doesn’t have melanin which is a pigment that shields against the sun. The conclusion is obvious: without proper care, your lips are dry, coarse and chapped.

What harms skin on lips?

There are various causes of dry lips. The lack of necessary day-to-day care and protection (with a lip balm, for example) is the most common. Still, there are some other factors that affect the condition and appearance of lips. We should realize them to avoid damage to the lip skin.

  • Body dehydration.
  • Deficiency of vitamin A and vitamins B.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Dry air indoors.
  • Lip licking in the cold weather.
  • Some medications.

How to care for the lips following three steps?


If you want lovely lips, you need to start with daily lip care. Using a lip balm is the first thing to do: it’s the best to prevent chapping or loss of moisture. Naturally, good lip balm is the one with natural ingredients and based on wax and oils. It’s good if it contains moisturizing substances such as honey, panthenol or glycerol. Of course, you can use natural oils (e.g. jojoba, castor, argan or almond oil) to nourish the lips, make them softer and protect against drying out and chapping. Petroleum jelly gives extra shields in the winter but it isn’t all-natural.


A scrub is another good product to treat chapped lips. Ideally, you should use this natural treatment at least once a week. Why is it so important? Because a lip scrub smoothes out the lips through removing dead skin cells, as well as primes them for make-up: if you want a lipstick to stay on your lips for longer, a scrub is a must. Extra benefit: massaging the lips improves the blood flow, which makes the lips plumper and fuller.

How to apply the most flattering lip make-up?


It’s easy to enhance the lips with make-up when they’re perfectly-moisturized, smooth, and plumped thanks to oils or scrubs. A well-matched lipstick is the base of lovely make-up: its color should enhance your beauty. Be careful with red lipstick! Bloody red brings out the yellow shade of the teeth so you need to have snow-white teeth to use it. When applying lip make-up, make use of a lipliner to get the perfect lip shape and prevent lipstick bleeding. You lower the risk of smudges if you reach for the lipliner! You can fix your make-up with a small amount of loose powder (must be translucent!) that additionally gives a lovely matte finish.

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