Lip Shaker? Lancome Juicy Shaker

Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip tints all belong to the past. Today, more and more popular become shakers with nourishing oils, and one of them is Juicy Shaker from Lancome. Let’s see how this new cosmetic looks like and how to use it.

Don’t be fooled by Lancome Juicy Shaker appearance. This is certainly not an equipment from a bar, in which you could prepare yourself a drink, but newest lip oil from well known brand. Before use, you have to shake the product, so the bi-phased formula would mix and you can apply it on lips. Juicy Shaker from Lancome can be bought in several shades: from pink, orange and red to brown, violet and blue. Not only Juicy Shakers have plenty of colour, but also smell wonderfully and cover lips perfectly.

Juicy Shaker from Lancome has few nourishing oils, among many: peach oil, rose oil, apricot oil and sweet almond oil. All ingredients provide moisture, smoother, protection against free radicals and softening. Additionally, oils do not make lips dry or create sticky layer. This product evenly covers lips with nourishing layer, providing intense and juicy make-up finish. The tip was adjusted, so that you can easily contour lips.

Contrary to appearances, Juicy Shaker from Lancome is not difficult in use. How should you use it? Before you start application, shake cosmetic, so that oils would mix. If you want to achieve more expressive make-up then first apply matte lipstick and lip liner. Colour should last for few hours. Lancome Juicy Shaker is very small so you can take it with you, when you travel or go to work – it will fit in cosmetic bag or coat’s pocket. Some people may find annoying that the applicator has a form of sponge. For those who have sensitive skin, it can be to rough. Besides, you cannot forget about cleaning the sponge to avoid bacteria development, and as a result – skin irritations.

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