What Causes Damage to Hair? How to Keep It Healthy?

Are you dreaming of lovely hair? Take action now! Stop doing things that cause damage. Do you wear tight updos often? Do you stay in air-con rooms long? There are so many factors that make our hair worse… We need to realize them to stop worsening its condition. See the list of top hair-damaging factors.

What causes damage to hair?

Is your hair getting damaged? It may be caused by:

  1. Weather conditions (freezing cold, wind, strong sunlight): hair gets very weak when it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions. The hair suffers the most in the winter because we often move from the cold to the warm places. In turn, hair gets frizzy and static, and loses shine.
  2. Sun radiation: UVA/UVB has a very bad effect on the hair as well as scalp. Sun-burnt scalp hurts and is hard to heal while sun-damaged hair is delicate and brittle. It loses moisture and resilience, becoming stiff, dry and unmanageable.
  3. Unsuitable products containing harmful ingredients: this is a very common cause of worsening condition of hair. A wrongly-suited product affects the appearance and often the structure of hair (particularly alcohols and heavy silicones). On the other hand, excess proteins make hair stiff and coarse. Oil which isn’t matching the hair does harm too: coconut oil may cause frizz in highly-porous hair.
  4. Stress and diseases: sadly, stress ruins our entire body. It affects the looks too. Hair, skin and nails get weaker. Strong stress contributes to excessive hair loss and may even block the growth process.
  5. Medication: do you realize that medication you take may have an impact on your hair? It helps you treat an illness but worsens the hair at the same time, causing it to thin.
  6. Mechanical damage (pulling, rubbing): you can quickly damage your hair while towel-drying it harshly. Pulling the hair while brushing or going to sleep with wet hair doesn’t bring any benefit. It weakens the structures of hair.
  7. Air-conditioning and central heating: it makes hair get very dry by depriving it of water and leaves it coarse, brittle and fragile.

How to keep hair healthy?

You can start the fight for strong, lovely hair now! First thing to do: always use a cool airflow of the dryer to avoid loss of water. To prevent damage of follicles, never pull the hair back too tight. Always buy products that are made from beneficial ingredients and use a product based on keratin weekly because keratin builds the hair and nails. Never go to sleep with wet hair and use a safe wide-tooth comb. Good luck!

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