“Vegan” and beautiful eyelashes? Try new PHB Mascara!

PHB praise itself with efficient cosmetics that are fully safe and natural because made of organic ingredients. Indeed, their products are in 100% made of certified ecological substances.

The brand gains greater recognition thanks to the fact that they managed (as one of few) to create mascara, which is firstly, vegan and secondly – really effective.

You probably know it yourself, that as far as it goes for the vegan lipsticks or eye shadows than they usually have good quality, but when it comes to the mascara, there appear some problems: it should visibly extract beauty of our eyelashes, thicken, provide length, be waterproof, does not flake and be smudge resistant. Until now it wasn’t possible to made such product in vegan version. However, now PHB has released its version of such mascara.

PHB All in One Natural Mascara – Black is a mascara, that became a true star. Repeatedly rewarded (e.g. by Vouge and Glamour magazines) product gained trust of women for a good reason. This mascara is waterproof and in no way flakes or falls down on the cheeks. Lashes are long, dense and curled, while tempting with intense black colour. PHB All in One Natural Mascara is suitable even for sensitive eyes. This product will be loved also by all people who wear contact lenses. The mascara is equipped in classic wand with fibres. The shorter bristle at the tip of the wand makes make-up easier and allows application of the product even on the shortest lashes. PHB All in One Natural Mascara has surprisingly great texture based on waxes and natural oils. Thanks to such composition, it conditions eyelashes while performing make-up. Three layers are enough for achieving volume and length you desire. However, if you want more spectacular effect for a night out – it takes some work.

PHB All in One Natural Mascara contains, among many: Rice Bran Wax, Olive Oil, natural waxes and vegetable glycerine. It is fully safe and deprived of parabens. An important matter after purchase of this mascara is that it is absolutely required to keep the wand clean. Vegan, natural cosmetics are just perfect for bacteria to develop. If you already know how to keep your mascara wand clean, do not hesitate and order PHB mascara!

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