Useful Tips: How to Care for Hair in Winter?

Hats, dry air, freeze, humidity, wind – all of these factors don’t help our hairdos in the winter. We should nurture them the most in this season of the year. Let us tell you what to do.

Harsh weather conditions, dry air indoors, hat hair, static flyaways make the hair unmanageable. How to keep your hair great-looking in this challenging season of the year? You need to remember a few hair-care tricks.

Keeping the hair moisturized is essential

Extremely dry hair is exposed to damage so you need special products in the wintertime. A mild hydrating or micellar shampoo works ideally. Always remember to apply a conditioner after shampooing to make the hair smoother, easier to comb, and to moisturize dry ends. How often should you wash hair in the fall and winter? Washing slightly weakens the hair so it’s best to do it less often.

Static flyaways

To keep healthy in the winter, we need to wear a hat. Too bad it makes us lose control of our strands! How to tame static flyaways then? The choice of headwear is crucial. Your hat shouldn’t be made from synthetics; ideally wear a cotton or woolen hat. Try antistatic spray. Use hair oil on the hair ends – never on the roots! If your hair is long, tie it in the winter to avoid breakage because of hair rubbing against the jacket or scarf.

To blow-dry or not blow-dry?

Generally, it’s best to allow the hair to air-dry. What if you need to go out and it’s freezing cold? Try to let the hair dry naturally as much as it’s possible and reach for a dryer only to make sure hair’s fully dry. To minimize the damage, get an ionic dryer or use cold airflow. Remember that hair doesn’t like heat and it’s affected by it all winter because of central heating, air-conditioning, etc.

Instant volume boost!

Hair goes flat because of hats or wind. How to handle that? Again, we need the right shampoos and conditioners that are lightweight and moisturize the hair. Additionally, it’s good to use volumizing sprays which lift the roots of hair. Use styling mousse but don’t apply too much to avoid the adverse effect.

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