Twist Up The Volume Mascara from BOURJOIS

On average, every season we discuss newest mascaras with which manufacturers try to interest new customers and make the regular one stay. To our office got true pearl from Bourjois, Twist Up The Volume mascara, which already stole hearts of many women. What is so special about it?

Double effect of eye make-up

One mascara for two different effects? With Twist Up The Volume from Bourjois it is not a problem and it’s all thanks to an innovative brush 2in1. Introduction of new mascara from Bourjois to the market is also a presentation of applicator which has never been seen before among cosmetics for eye make-up. Twist Up The Volume mascara’s brush was equipped in special mechanism, which allows application in two different positions. This makes possible to use one product for two effects – length and volume. Combination of both applications guarantees stunning results of maximum length and full volume.

TWIST 1 for maximum length

In normal position of applicator it is quite long and has not so wide bristle. In this position brush guarantees simultaneous distribution of product on entire length of each individual lash. Innovative formula of Twist Up The Volume mascara covers lashes with a net of fibres, which during application makes lashes about few millimetres longer.

TWIST 2 for extremal volume

The greatest surprise in Bourjois is mainly the brush that allows application in two positions. After twisting the mechanism in Twist Up The Volume it turns into a mascara for volume. Original brush becomes shorter and thicker, what causes for mascara to give super volume without lumps and clumping.

Unbeatable mascara from Bourjois

Twist Up The Volume from Bourjois is mainly an innovation in product application, which can give length, thickening or extremely expressive lashes after double application. But it is not all. All Bourjois mascaras have great quality, just like in this case. Twist Up The Volume is a mascara with very intense black colour, high durability and formula safe for eyes.

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