To Make-Up or Not To Make-Up? That Is The Question!

Make-up gives women lots of possibilities. It lets them cover imperfections, feel beautiful and create a perfect look for a ballgown. Sadly, we often go too far with make-up. Too much foundation, poorly applied mascara or mismatched eyeshadow. What is the secret?

Practice makes perfect

The more time you spend in front of the mirror, the better skills you have. Put on make-up as often as possible. Turn your make-up fails into success. If you happen to apply too much foundation, take it off and reapply. Test new cosmetics and gadgets that make make-up easy to apply 🙂

Put on make-up for yourself, not for others

Do not use make-up that your boyfriend, friend or other people like. You must feel beautiful and freely. Thanks to cosmetics, you will enhance your beauty, camouflage discolorations and define your facial features. Just remember that you will never get friendship or respect in an exchange for good looks or make-up. It is similar in case of losing unwanted pounds. You do it for yourself and your health.

Each of us should find her own style

Do not follow celebrities or trends in make-up. Match make-up to your face shape, hair color, outfit. You do not need to imitate your friends. Create your own style. Do it even if hot trends show something completely different. There is no point in applying make-up that does not make you feel good and attractive.

Go for natural make-up

Less means more. Do not apply a few layers of foundation, powder the whole face or paint brows beyond their contour. Such a strong make-up works for photo sessions, movie sets, YT tutorials and artificial light. It will never look good in other situations. Remember – naturality matters.

Trendy is not always good

Black lipstick, coloring your hair grey, lip enlarging gadgets and other strange trends. Does using them all make sense? Surely, you can test all trendy cosmetics and accessories but remember to maintain moderation!

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