Tailor-made make-up: Eye Collection Christian Louboutin

Name of the famous designer, Christian Louboutin, for quite some time now is associated with something more than just the red sole high heels. All women know his original make-up cosmetics. Recently released eye make-up cosmetics, Eye Collection.

New cosmetics by Christian Louboutin

The new collection holds mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and eye pencil. All products refer to the famous high-heels of this designer. However, the packagings were decorated with entirely new patterns. We can observe that Christian Louboutin was inspired by the art deco style. The colours are associated with luxury, elegance and class. The shades of cosmetics are also original. Mascara is available in black or violet colour, eyeliner can be bought in red, black and blue colour, while the pencil can be black, blue, brown, yellow and violet. The most neutral are colours for eyebrow pencil (brown and beige).

Khol Les Yeux Noir Lash Amplifying Lacquer

New mascara by Christian Louboutin thickens, curls and makes eyelashes longer. It is waterproof, humidity and sweat proof, while providing a long-lasting effect. The specially designed wand allows more thorough separation of eyelashes and coats each eyelash with the cosmetic. The bristle is arranged in even spaces and has various lengths. The mascara has an elegant bottle with a mirror inside. It can be a marvellous gift or make your make-up on the go easier.

Celi Vinyle Luminous Ink Liner: Khol and Rouge Louboutin

Both cosmetics have packagings relate to the famous shoes. The precise applicator makes a creation of the line easier and thanks to unique colours you will create the most beautiful make-up. Eyeliners are waterproof and smudge proof. These cosmetics offer shimmering make-up finish. All of them were dermatologists tested and are recommended for people prone to allergies and with super-sensitivity.

Brow Definer and Khol Celi Velours Velvet Eye Definer

Eyebrow pencils have a delicate formula, which makes them easy to apply and blend with other cosmetics. These are highly pigmented and allow a creation of intense eye make-up. Applied right on the eyelid edge will optically thicken eyelashes root line. It lasts long on skin, does not rub off and there is no gathering in the crease. These are available in natural and extravagant shades.

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