Sweet Almond Oil: On Face, Hair, Skin and More!

Natural beauty products have many benefits on our skin. One of the best naturally-derived cosmetics, which have been known and used for centuries, are plant oils. Since the beauty industry currently offers us a vast selection of plant oils, it’s hard to pick just one. Luckily, we’ve found an oil that is universal and has many wonderful capabilities. Let us present you – sweet almond oil.

Sweet almond oil is obtained from almond tree kernels. This plant extract is completely safe for you, meaning that it can be applied even to eye skin. It has a really characteristic sweet aroma and fair amber-like color. Sweet almond oil is proven to contain an array of minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, as well as vitamins A, E, D and B-group vitamins. How can you improve your appearance with sweet almond oil?

Benefits of almond oil on skin

Since this oil is an all-natural emollient, it’s good at moisturizing and smoothing skin. Additionally, sweet almond oil strengthens the lipid coat of epidermis, delays ageing and improves suppleness. Sweet almond oil penetrates skin fast and easily, giving you all its benefits without creating an oily feel. When combined with sugar, the oil becomes a homemade facial peel. Lastly, you can use sweet almond oil on a daily basis.

Benefits of almond oil on hair

Firstly, sweet almond oil is perfect to prevent ends from splitting – apply it to damp ends always after washing. Adding a few drops of this oil to your favorite conditioner or mask to boost its effect makes another good idea. Obviously, sweet almond oil is perfect for oil hair treatment. It’s recommended applying it to the hair length and scalp an hour before shampooing, but if you want to, you can do it at bedtime and wash your hair in the morning.

Benefits of almond oil on face

The best thing about sweet almond oil is that it’s suited to all skin types. For example, you can remove makeup with sweet almond oil. Another idea is to use it for a daily face massage – effects of this treatment are visible after a week! It’s also worth realizing that cold-pressed and unrefined sweet almond oil is able to protect the skin from UV and urban pollution.

Other applications of sweet almond oil that you may like

  • Cold-pressed sweet almond oil is an all-natural product counteracting stretch marks, thus it’s recommended to pregnant women.
  • Unrefined sweet almond oil works as a body massage oil because it improves skin’s suppleness and boosts circulation.
  • You can also use sweet almond oil for bathing a newborn because it doesn’t cause any irritations.

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