Supervolume with Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara

Every woman dreams about long and thick eyelashes. Givenchy makes it easier to achieve. Noir Couture Volume, created by Nicolas Degennes – make-up guru, allows to enjoy beautiful lashes and amazing eye make-up.

Noir Couture Volume is a mascara which stands out among other products thanks to its brush. It has an original shape and colour as well as different lengths of bristles. These features make the application a real pleasure whereas a fancy packaging makes you feel like using it all the time. Givenchy Noir Couture Volume is available in two shades: blue and black.

What are the properties of Givenchy Noir Couture Volume mascara?

Nicolas Degennes has created it for women who value spectacular and elegant look. The cosmetic provides extension, thickness and volume. As a result, your eyes look bigger and more expressive. The brush’s bristles perfectly separate and style the lashes. Your eye make-up will become extraordinary.

How to apply Givenchy Noir Couture Volume?

Hold the brush vertically at the base of eyelashes. Apply the mascara in a zigzag motion and move towards the ends of lashes – coat all the lashes evenly. Coat the shortest lashes (which grow in the inner and outer corners of the eye) with the end of the brush. Apply another layer for stronger effect. Givenchy recommends to use other coloured products to complement the eye make-up. It mentions Prisme Quatour eyeshadow and Magic Kajal pencil. Couture series offers: waterproof eyepencil, eyeliner, cream eyeshadow and corrective pen.

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