Spring novelties: Pigments from Inglot

Newest products from Inglot, i.e. pigments are already available at chemist’s. We can get AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in several colours as a pigments in shades that can adjust to the source of light and thanks to consist of permanent colourants give beautiful colour in make-up.

What are pigments from Inglot?

Pigment in make-up is an equivalent of eyeshadow. As the name states, Pure Pigment Eye Shadow, is not just an ordinary eyeshadow, but its 100% pigmented equivalent. Pure colour in loose form without any additional and redundant ingredients from classical eyeshadow.

What do we use AMC Inglot pigments for?

Pigments from Inglot are an innovative formula designed for eye make-up, though their use depends exclusively on creativity. They are great as a base eyeshadow for intense and glowing make-up, but it can also be used as highlighting addition to basic make-up. Pigments are great at adding expressiveness to all matte make-ups and make eye make-up truly incredible.

How are AMC Inglot pigments like?

AMC Pure Pigment Eye ShadowAs usual, Inglot fulfils most of expectations by offering product with very good properties. Newest pigments for eye make-up from Inglot AMC:

  • have wide choice of colours,
  • have light, handy and aesthetic jars,
  • offer different types of finish – from mattes, through sateen to brocades,
  • with no problem blend and mix with other products,
  • are very efficient, though have small capacity,
  • after wet application are much more intense,
  • after dry application give subtle glow,
  • aren’t problematic in application,
  • are great for creation of radiant eyeliners,
  • offer possibility of step by step cover.

How to apply pigments from Inglot?

AMC pigments are great for many types of make-ups. They can be administered wet or dry. It is best to apply it on the eyelid on traditional eyeshadow base, Duraline base or wet (e.g. after mixing it with Duraline). AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow has no limitations.

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