Silicone or nylon mascara wand?

Mascara wand type – this is the first thing we check when buying a new mascara. We unscrew it and take a closer look on the spiral rod. Then, we examine its appearance, size, fibre arrangement and structure. Most women already have a favourite shape of the brush and the only decision you need to make is the choice between a silicone and a traditional nylon wand. In this case, we often do not depend on knowledge and experience and when buying, we are usually guided by presumptions or act under the spur of the moment. Unfortunately, women quite often choose the classical, nylon mascara wand, mostly due to the fact that it has a longer tradition. Most women are simply used to it. Is it a good choice though? Is it worth being guided by sentiment for the nylon fibres? Why did silicone brushes appear on the market? Are they better than the traditional ones?

You probably know that mascara brushes collect dirt, dust and pollution extremely quickly. Residue of cosmetics, which can remain on the eyelashes after removing make-up and daily usual care can also accumulate there. Therefore, washing mascara brush is an absolute necessity. What is more, we also extended the durability of the product – its consistency remains unchanged. The attention to hygiene of the wand protects eyelashes against infections and irritations. Therefore, the brush should be cleaned at least once a week. Here comes to light one of the main defects of nylon brushes: when washing, they become deformed. Nylon bristles are easy to damage during mechanical treatments. As a result, such fibres do not guarantee a perfect eye make-up. What is more, these types of brushes have the tendency to attract dirt and dust a lot easier. They are denser and the bristles have greater adhesion. Dirt, dust and fine fibres of cotton wool deposited on the nylon bristles form clumps, stubbornly deposited at the ends of the lashes. It is a very unaesthetic view.

Silicone mascara wand is much more durable and not so easy to damage. Even after several months of using and washing, it preserves the same impeccable appearance as on the day of departure from the factory. It guarantees perfect eye make-up every time. We can clean it without worrying about breaking it down and remain calm about the health of our eyes and eyelashes.

Another advantage of silicone mascara wands is that the material from which they are made of, allows a variety of possibilities. The rod can be freely designed and shaped in many different ways. Traditional brush was never able to do it. This accuracy when creating brushes pays off when doing the eye make-up: your eyelashes become perfectly separated and ideally covered with the product. Silicone also acts as a small comb that gently combs lashes and separates them. It means that it prevents them from becoming stuck when applying the second or third layer of mascara. This, unfortunately, cannot be done with a nylon brush: each successive layer is the risk of obtaining the effect of so-called (and widely hated) “spider legs.”

Although silicone mascara wand is made of more durable materials it treats our eyelashes very gently: it separates and wraps eyelashes with a thin layer of mascara. How does nylon brush work? Its flexible bristles have no chance of getting between separate eyelashes durng the application of the second and third layer of mascara. Therefore, it just coats them on the surface creating clumps, sticking them, scratching and tugging eyelashes. In consequence, their condition starts weakening and they are loosing healthy look.

Remind yourself how many lashes have you lost during daily make-up using a traditional mascara wand made of nylon fibres? Therefore, it might be high time you changeed it to the new silicone brush? Cheers for the silicone! Let’s leave nylon for tights.

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