Silicone Mascara Wand.

Many women still haven’t decided which mascara brush to choose: traditional fibre or silicone? Our piece of advice: you should wear nylon on your legs whereas mascara should be applied with silicone.

The following arguments are going to convince you to throw out nylon mascara wands:

  1. Nylon brushes are unhygienic. They attract impurities like a magnet. It is more difficult to keep them clean – when you wash a nylon brush, it’s hard to clean every inch of the spiral. The infection is guaranteed.
  2. Silicone is harder and doesn’t deform while washing. What about nylon? After using it for several months, the bristles of the brush get damaged. Therefore, your eye make-up is no longer so perfect.
  3. Fibre brushes never separate the lashes as perfectly as the silicone versions. It is physically impossible.
  4. Silicone brushes excellently separate the lashes, which means they are delicate while applying the make-up. They coat every lash with mascara and add volume.
  5. Fibre brush isn’t as precise as silicone wand. It doesn’t manage to separate the lashes so it pulls them instead. It also leaves a thin mascara layer which sticks the eyelashes instead of increasing the volume.
  6. Silicone brushes represent an innovative approach to the eye make-up. Their shapes are advanced and allow for spectacular effects that would never be achieved with nylon wands.
  7. Make-up with a silicone brush is easier and faster. A few strokes are enough to enjoy a precise and perfect make-up and avoid unattractive spots and smudges.

Silicone spirals have been justifiably introduced to the cosmetic industry. Their support in the fight for perfect eyelashes is invaluable. If you are looking for an ideal mascara brush, choose between silicone wands.

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