Sephora: The Mascara – Volume, Length & Definition

The Mascara is the newest cosmetic from Sephora, which had its premiere at the beginning of this year. Mascara in elegant black box encourages to test it. Sephora makes its contribution by advertising The Mascara as a perfect product for women who expect long, combed lashes without lumps. What is the reality?

How does it look?

Sephora presented its newest product not so long ago. The Mascara, just like every novelty from Sephora presents impeccably. Black, classical packaging with silver writing and convex “x” and brand’s logo placed around the top give the product luxuries look. No wonder, Sephora always makes sure that its products were from the top shelf and delight even most demanding users.

What does it offer?

If we know full name of The Mascara the idea comes to mind on its own. “Volume, Length & Definition“, i.e. impressive volume, maximal length and expressiveness. Intense look with first application and expressive eye contour. It is a solution for women who truly want natural effect of longer lashes. Innovative formula of The Mascara by Sephora doesn’t clump lashes, doesn’t leave lumps and perfectly combs lashes for volume and intense colour.

How does it work?

The Mascara Volume, Length & Definition is a combination of multifunctional brush with formula enriched with hyaluronic acid. Ideal length, trouble free distribution on lashes and increased volume without spider lashes are The Mascara benefits. Innovative packaging allows to take only as much of the product as you need, which significantly makes application easier; just like comfy brush.

What is in its composition?

Mentioned above hyaluronic acid is not the only secret of The Mascara by Sephora. Mascara’s formula was enriched by two additional ingredients – carnauba wax for multi-layering and little by little add of volume; gum arabic for preservation and extension of application effect. It all allows obtain of thickening and lengthening, which is more expressive with every move of the applicator.

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