Secret to flawless eyelash make-up. How to apply mascara like a pro?

Applying mascara seems to be an easy activity. However, if you want to show the full potential of your lashes and get the spectacular look, you must use a few simple tricks. See the secret to perfect make-up for the longest lashes ever!

If you want to boast lovely lashes, the choice of a mascara matters. A fine-quality product gives better effects. There are two key things to focus on: the ingredients and applicator of the mascara – they make the product either live up to your expectations or not.

Still, the mascara isn’t the only thing that is crucial!

It’s easier to apply mascara when your lashes are healthy

This is logical: if your lashes are healthy, strong, long and thick, you don’t have any problems while applying mascara. Just a stroke of the brush gives you stunning eye enhancement.

So, day-to-day eyelash care is the first thing to concentrate on. This leads us to the question about the best ways to care for eyelashes. The answer is simple: choose the right product – either a pure vegetable oil (castor oil is the lash-care stunner) or professional eyelash serum that repairs the lashes as well as thickens them and stimulates the growth (as long as you use it regularly).

Prepping lashes for make-up

Even the best mascara won’t show its full potential if the lashes aren’t primed correctly. What I mean is that mascara always smudges on dirty, greasy lashes. So, before applying the mascara, take a cotton pad, micellar water and clean the lashes.

You can also get a lash primer that slightly boosts the volume of lashes and makes the application of the mascara easier. Surprisingly, a translucent powder or… potato flour can act as a lash base! You don’t need a separate product. Choose your primer and “sprinkle” the lashes to make the mascara cling to the hairs for a long-wear thickening effect. Home solutions often turn out to be the best!

Technique of applying mascara

The way of applying eye make-up matters hugely too. The right choice of the brush is halfway to success. The proper way of using it is the other half. See top make-up rules for easy mascara use.

  1. Always start applying the mascara from the roots of lashes.
  2. Stroke the brush from the roots to the ends while applying the first coating. Use the zigzag motion when you put another layer.
  3. Enhance the corner lashes using the tip of the brush since it’s narrow in most mascaras.

After applying mascara…

You’re not done yet! After applying the mascara remember two simple rules for the better effect.

Firstly, wipe all spots off. Ideally, use a cotton bud because it’s tiny enough to get to the corner of the eyes and easily remove the smudges and flakes. This is an easy way to avoid the mascara under the eyes later on.

Secondly, you need to comb out the lashes after applying mascara. When you like the created effect use a comb to get the perfect separation and avoid clumps. In turn you get thicker fuller lashes.

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