Nivea Care – Light Nourishing Cream for All Skin Types

In a past few weeks, among skin care creams number one is a Nivea product – light nourishing cream Nivea Care. It is a new product from the brand dedicated for all skin types. Innovative formula, great composition, universal and safe – are just some of many qualities of this cream that you can read about below.

NIVEA Care Nourishing Cream offers revolutionary approach in skin care. It is hard to find cream with intensive nourishment that at the same time will absorb fast. Nivea made sure that their cream has lightweight texture, doesn’t leave greasy feeling and is very effective. How is it possible?

The secret of Nourishing Cream from Nivea is its technology of light hydro waxes. Thanks to them cream is delicate and absorbs fast, because hydro waxes melt directly on the skin. In a moment skin becomes fresh, moisturised, nourished and soft in touch.

Nivea points out that their Nourishing Cream is perfect for all skin types – works well in moisturising dry skin, but also in nourishment of oily skin. Cream is not leaving greasy feeling, isn’t weighting skin down and doesn’t cause irritations. You may say that it works like insensible nourishing coat.

Light Nourishing Cream Nivea Care is not only dedicated for everyone, but also for universal use. It can be applied during the day, left over night and used as a make-up base. Because of its great absorption there are no limitations in its use, it disappears right after application.

Deep nourishment and light formula are a merit of developed with care about consumer composition. In Nivea Care Cream there is no paraffin wax, so it won’t clog pores or weight down skin. In case of this product great care was focused on choice of proper moisturising substances – glycerine, natural Shea butter and rich in fatty acids vegetable oils.

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