New concealers from Marc Jacobs – Test it and choose your best

Brand of Marc Jacobs released three new cosmetics. Those are concealers with marble texture and bright colours. You just want to use them! Test the new products and choose the one that is best in camouflaging your imperfections.

In the new gamut of products Marc Jacobs Beauty Cover(t) Stick are concealers, which cover skin imperfections. Those can cover acne, discolourations, dark circles around the eyes and spider vines. In the dragstore available are following cosmetics: 310 Bright Now, 320 Getting Warmer and 300 Co(vert) Affairs. All of them have white packagings; stick concealer is being exsert with use of black ball. Concealers from Marc Jacobs consist of moisturising, highlighting and beautifying properties. And what is the characteristic of each individual cosmetic?

Concealer 310 Bright Now has pink and violet colour. It perfectly covers grey and dull skin complexion. It can be helpful with dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. What is more, it can deal also with spider vines. This concealer can be applied under eyes and in the temples area and will cover translucent through thin and delicate skin, veinss. Peach and caramel concealer 320 Getting Warmer camouflages imperfections such as acne, discolourations and scars. It makes skin complexion even, contours face and gives effect of natural tan. Concealer 300 Co(vert) Affairs in colours of lemon and lime covers skin redness and spider veins. It can be applied on arms and legs and everywhere else where spider veins appear.

How should you apply new concealers from Marc Jacobs? It can be used on foundation or directly on skin. You can cover imperfections by using a stick or apply it with brush, with which you will take small amount of product and transfer it on the face. You can use concealer for the entire surface of the face or as a product for local application.

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