Magic for your hair. L’Oreal Paris Nourishing Elixir

We think highly of products which don’t contain any alcohol or its amount is so small that it doesn’t outshine the performance of other active substances. L’Oreal Nourishing Elixir is one of such products. It is designed for dry and damaged hair. It would be a crime to pack it with alcohol which extremely quickly and effectively dries the hair and the scalp. Natural oils extracted from seeds, plants and flowers play the first fiddle in the product. They are responsible for the repairing action of the cosmetic. They are well-chosen. Not only do they soothe and add shine (camomile oil) but also protects and deeply regenerate the strands (coconut oil and lotus oil). Sunflower oil moisturises and makes dry hair shiny. Tahitian Gardenia oil fights off frizz whereas rose oil makes the strands supple. All the oils mentioned are the source of good fatty acids which are responsible for the proper functioning of cells in the organism, they fight off free radicals and don’t let toxins inside.

You don’t have to wait long for the effects. After several applications, your hair becomes nourished, shiny, bouncy and nice to the touch. It looks much better; the strands are tamed and no longer frizzy.

L’Oreal Paris, Magical Power of Oils, Nourishing Elixir for dry and damaged hair is designed for very dry and damaged with styling treatments hair. It is also a remedy for damaged hair ends in all hair types.

The oil has a nice packaging – 100 ml plastic bottle is slender and equipped with a big pump. L’Oreal Paris Magical Power of Oils Nourishing Elixir belongs to the rich collection of hair oils launched by L’Oreal.

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