Let Solid Wax-Based Perfume Stun You!

The word “perfume” usually makes us think of a vial filled with a liquid fragrance mist that envelopes the skin. How about solid perfume? Are you ready for the innovation? Discover what it is made up of and what benefits it gives. You’ll love it, I’m sure.

Choosing the right fragrance is a tricky task. Thousands of compositions, heart notes, head notes, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, famous or less known brands – no wonder we feel overwhelmed and struggle to find the dream scent. Good perfume should meet two conditions: have a nice aroma and last long. Unfortunately, this duo is hard to find. It often happens that you find a perfect smell but the perfume vanishes after an hour so you always carry the vial in your bag.

Solid perfume – lovely and long-lasting fragrance

Solid wax-based perfume fulfils both conditions and satisfies our needs – the blend of essential oils in a beeswax. This simple product is phenomenal and stuns anyone who’s come across it. Solid perfume gives the combination of beautiful aroma, naturalness and fragrance lasting longer than liquid perfume. There’s one more benefit that the tiny solid fragrances have: they look lovely and are really discreet, which is great particularly in public places.

Why is solid perfume worth trying?

There are a few reasons. This isn’t a solution for everyone because some people simply need to feel the damp mist on their skin. Still, you should try it just once to see the character of this product.

3 reasons why you should try solid perfume

  1. Durability – most fragrances are based on alcohol which evaporates fast, making them less durable. The concentration of fragrance oils is a key thing: the higher it is, the longer the scent lasts. Solid perfume lasts even for up to several hours because it’s captured in cream-like formula absorbed into skin.
  2. Naturalness – by choosing solid perfume you’re sure you choose an all-natural product formulated without preservatives, synthetics, etc. This type of perfume is based on intensively-nourishing beeswax while composition of fragrance oils ensures the scent: no more ingredients. What’s important, solid perfume is suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin (excluding people that are allergic to bee-derived products).
  3. Practicality – the usage of solid perfume is the easiest thing in the world. You just spread a small amount of your fragrance on the strategic points e.g. on the wrists, chest or behind the ears. Plus, solid perfume usually comes in a tiny jar so it fits in every pocket or bag, nice to use at work, on the bus, at the store.

Solid perfume: fragrances

The available scent compositions is the only thing that may be treated as a downside. Solid perfume is quite a new invention so the number of fragrances isn’t impressive. Still, you can find some unusual aromas that take you to the world of nature: the woods, herbs, citruses, grass or flowers.

Obviously, the choice will be wider with the growing popularity of solid perfume. It is possible that some leading fragrance brands will launch their iconic scents in this unusual yet extremely practical form.

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