Lashcode Mascara – Strengthen Your Eyelashes Day by Day!

Lashcode cannot be compared to any other mascara. The cosmetic ensures the most beautiful eyelash makeup as well as amazes with a number of nourishing and conditioning substances, which decides about its uniqueness. No other mascara is going to guarantee such healthy and mind-blowing lashes!

Lashcode Mascara – List of Benefits:

  • delivers maximum curl and extension
  • provides thickening without sticking lashes together
  • boosts volume without so-called spider leg effect
  • styles eyelashes
  • makes lash line fuller, reaching every eyelash
  • intensifies eyelashes at the roots, defining the lash line and eyes
  • the wand leaves lashes perfectly separated and picks up the ideal amount of the mascara
  • eyelashes are intensely black and look amazing in every lighting (even very intense)
  • one coat of Lashcode is enough to enjoy eye and lash definition
  • the mascara keeps fresh long months
  • it’s flake-free and clump-free yet very easy to remove
Lashcode Mascara – Benefits


Lashcode is something more than makeup – eyelash care and repair consisting in the active penetration of nutrients inside the lashes and bulbs.

Lashcode Mascara – Conditioning Ingredients:

  • Arginine – amino acid that fixes damaged structure inside eyelashes and boosts their growth
  • Vitamin E – a strong antioxidant that protects eyelashes from damage and ageing
  • Panthenol – also known as pro-vitamin B5, increases elasticity and strength
  • Baicalin – creates a protective filter on lashes, facilitates their regeneration and enhances their looks
  • Soy Sprout Extract – stimulates eyelash growth
  • Wheat Sprout Extract – strongly repairs and nourishes lashes

The combination of eyelash care and makeup precision with a groundbreaking elastic spiral wand makes Lashcode a pioneering product that belongs to the top beauty products on the market. No wonder Lashcode has become one of the hottest commercially-available cosmetics.

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20 Comments “Lashcode Mascara – Strengthen Your Eyelashes Day by Day!”

  1. Madame

    My beloved mascara! 🙂

  2. JustMe

    mascara that conditions lashes???

  3. MargaretB

    game-changing mascara! two coats are enouggh for expressive eye definition. It intensively lengthens and thickens my lashes without sticking. Way-out cosmetic for me!

  4. Crazy_Mary

    Awesome mascara with awesome wand. Beautifully separates lashes so you can apply few layers and the effect still will be great. Moreover no flaking by the end of the day like other mascaras tend to do

  5. IvonE

    I’m allergic to waterproof mascara and can’t used them, particularly ’cause I wear contact lenses., so I decided to try this mascara and I’m glad I did. It is resilient to various atmospheric factors, tears, etc. and still it is easy to remove with gentle micellar liquid

    • Gwen B

      Lots of beauty products give me allergic reactions, I’ve heard this one is very ‘gentle’ for the eyes, after testing – I agree 🙂

  6. Alexia33

    I can confirm its conditioning action, I can see that my lashes are stronger. Other thing that lashcode is really easy to remove so no lashes pulling in the process 🙂

  7. Joannaa@

    I used it once and was delighted but I consider purchase of mascara at this price too crazy..

    • InANDouT

      I like luxurious cosmetics and have no regrets as to money. I know that price represents quality.

      • Cici Chanel

        Not always, not always 🙂 but in this case it’s actully true, I have my second bottle so I know what I’m talking about.

  8. OliveeX

    where can I buy this marvel and how much is it?

  9. Sandra_7

    It’s been a long time since a cosmetic amazed me like this one did 🙂 It truly meets all expectations, only thing I could be picky about is that there are no other colors, like brown.

  10. WonderWoman

    effect after coating is awesome but the best thing is that when the mascara dries on lashes, they’re still soft and elastic.

  11. Nnako4

    Mascara that doesn’t dry till the last use. The highest quality.

  12. KathyDot

    To me, this mascara is second to none now.

  13. margie@nn

    It didn’t work from me. Besides I like more standard wands

  14. Iilyrian

    even shoddy make-up looks stunning with this mascara 🙂

    • Margaret Ta

      and the other way round 🙂 Perfect make-up will look miserable without your lashes done

  15. YolanDa

    all those raves make want to buy this mascara 🙂

  16. SweetDreams

    The best silicon wand I have ever seen!


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