Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter mascara. My review

Hello Girls,

I’m posting today a long-promised review of Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter mascara. I have to admit that mascaras are my weakness which makes me choose this kind of products very carefully. There is no room for compromises, especially in this case, because in my view beautiful lashes are the core of every type of make-up. I hate attaching eyelash extensions since these look cartoonish to me. Actually, I stopped being a fan of the false eyelashes the moment I noticed how this procedure had damaged my natural lashes. For that reason, I need a mascara! A decent mascara!

Is Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter a good mascara?

Naturally, I always pin my hopes on Lancome that I’ll get something extra especially when it comes to a mascara. I bet all of you remember the iconic mascara Lancome Hypnose Drama. Will Volume-a-porter play catch-up or will it outdo the legend?

Definitely, the mascara has all the ‘star qualities’, which are good consistency and a very convenient, silicone and precise spiral. Lancome Volume-a-porter is supposed to be multitask: it adds volume, extends lashes, separate eyelashes and takes care of them thanks to rose oil.

Indeed, I have to admit that the spiral impressed me since it’s well-made and is of a perfect shape – in order to apply an ideal make-up we need both long and short bristle the wand has. The formula of the mascara is fairly dense and sticky. Personally, I’m more for the powdery ones but I understand that this tacky consistency is due to the presence of the oil that takes care of eyelashes. To sum up, the gooeyness is connected with the care the mascara provides.

The wand precisely separates each eyelash and makes the application exceptionally easy and convenient. Moreover, the mascara copes with boosting the lenght and volume of each eyelash very well. It clearly extends and adds body to eyelashes but unfortunately the second coat delivers uneven overlaying and clumping. Even regular wand cleaning doesn’t change much. Therefore, I think that this effect is just type-specific. To obtain intensive, clump-free volume I apply just one coat of Lancome and while working on wet mascara (so not letting it get dry) I style my eyelashes until I find the effect satisfying. Lancome Volume-a-porter is a mascara that gets oxygenated within a month, which is why, its formula enables even better eyelash coating.

The mascara doesn’t cause any problems with removing it. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how the procedure would look like if I used a gentle make-up removing lotion. I use strong, dual-phase preparations since I don’t have to rub cotton pads against eyelids vigorously.

Concluding, Lancome Hypnose Volume-a-porter is perfect for daily make-up. The effect of extended and thickened eyelashes is noticeable, yet not preposterous. The mascara’s wand stays clean and separates lashes precisely. I would recommend this cosmetic for those of you who expect visible effect obtained just with one coat.

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