Iconic NAKED Urban Decay Palette (1 vs 2)

NAKED palette from Urban Decay is the must be of every make-up lover. First NAKED palette from Urban Decay was still very popular, when its sister palette NAKED 2 appeared on the store shelves. What is the difference between the two of them? Which one is better?
Let’s compare NAKED palette 1 and NAKED palette 2.


Urban Decay placed their first NAKED palette in a cardboard box with binding in quite pleasant in touch material reminding of suede; the box was closing with the magnet. Unfortunately, this velour attracts dust and after a while fades and wears out, which make the palette look unaesthetic. NAKED 2 is a result of keeping up the momentum – palette was placed in the hard tin closed with strong catch in the colour of dusky pink. The change is definitely positive – looks better, lasts longer, is easier in cleaning and protects the cosmetic much more efficiently.


While buying Urban Decay palette of eye shadows we always get some extras. At first NAKED 1 was sold with two-sided black and brown pencil and a sample of Primer Potion eyeshadow base. Now, instead of pencil we get flat brush. With NAKED 2 we also get a brush (two-sided this time) and a miniature of Lip Junkie lip-gloss. For me in this category better is NAKED 1, because eyeshadow base is my favourite, which makes eyeshadow stay on the eyelid for much longer.


First thing you can observe while comparing both palettes is that NAKED 2 has much colder shades (for me it’s a plus). Both palettes offer very universal and neutral shades, which aren’t arranged. Combination of brown and beige with a grey and black shades that are really high pigmented is a very good thing about Urban Decay palettes. Unfortunately, both of them also have one common flaw – more pearl shades than matt, which are much more universal (matt shades are also better for the mature skin, which cannot be said about the pearl shades). Despite the fact that both palettes are very similar there is something NAKED 1 has that NAKED 2 hasn’t and vice versa. Slight advantage of the NAKED 2 are three matt shades, while in the NAKED 1 are two. The big change on the plus is adding deep black shade in Urban Decay NAKED 2.

Despite of great sentiment for the first NAKED palette and a fact that it has attached to it eyeshadow base, my heart now belongs to NAKED 2 because of more practical box and better composition of twelve beautiful eye shadows.

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