How to Get Healthy Hair Using Natural Ways?

Natural hair care is a good choice if your hair’s been weighed-down, greasy and dull recently. Maybe your strands need a more delicate care? You should try making use of natural hair care that ensures health and lovely appearance. Keep reading for tips on how to get round to it.

Reach for natural or micellar shampoo

Natural shampoo brings relief to the scalp because “regular” shampoos are packed with silicones and synthetics which give a good cleansing effect but may trigger irritations. If your scalp gets very dry or itchy, the ingredients in the shampoo may be the wrongdoers. Product build-up, dust, smog and toxins may also disturb the balance of the scalp and cause dandruff or oily hair. You need an effective cleansing product like micellar shampoo which removes all nasties from the scalp. It is gentle on the hair and scalp at the same time.

Use silicone-free conditioners

We don’t usually put our mind to the choice of a conditioner. We want shampoo-commercial effects and often fall for the promises on the packaging or nice smell. Unfortunately, many conditioners are packed with ingredients that dry out the hair and worsen its condition instead of improving it if you use them for a longer period of time. Plus, silicone-based products are hard to wash out. Choose conditioners that nourish the hair using the power of natural substances. When it comes to your hair, never settle for less!

Turn off your dryer and toss out the flat iron!

Maybe tossing it out is too much but remember that wherever you use a straightener it burns your hair. The high temperature breaks disulfide bonds making hair repair impossible. Hair breaks off and is damaged easily. Keep your flat iron for special occasions. Plus, let your hair air dry.

Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

Did you know that your wet hair is super-easily damaged?! You can save it: don’t towel-dry harshly. Gently press the towel so it soaks the excess water. Don’t pull wet hair while detangling. Do it gently, ideally use a wooden wide-tooth comb which prevents static flyaways. When you fall asleep with wet strands, they brush against the pillow. This causes damage to external coating of hair and makes it more porous. To make things worse, your hair won’t look good when you wake up after tossing and turning. When it comes to hair-friendly sleeping, get a silk pillowcase which is smoother and gentler on hair than rough cotton.

Put oil in your hair!

This is still a game-changer as far as at-home hair care goes. Hair oil treatment is great for everyone no matter the age, type or color of hair! Oils are packed with omega acids and saturated and unsaturated fats. First you need to know your porosity (online hair porosity tests are widely available) and see which oils work best for your hairdo. The great news is oils don’t only make hair better-looking, moisturize or nourish it, but also nurture the scalp, strengthening the follicles and stimulating them to work. The result is hair that grows healthy and does not fall out in excess.

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