How to apply X-Rated Mascara from Smashbox?

X-Rated mascara from Smashbox is one of those cosmetics, which increase volume and immeasurably change appearance. Correctly administered can work miracles, even for girls with short lashes. See how does new mascara work and how should it be applied.

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara can be acquired in only one colour: deep black. It is recommended for girls with black or brown lashes; on light lashes it may not look as pretty. Covered with mascara lashes can fulfil evening make-up or dark smokey eyes make-up. It will highlight black line on the eyelids made with eyeliner. What is more, Smashbox X-Rated Mascara thickens, curls and lengthens the lashes. If we apply few layers, we will get false lashes effect. Of course, to look beautiful we must properly apply mascara. How to do that?

There is few ways of application of mascara. However, the most popular is zig-zag. Place the brush collaterally to the eyelid and run through the lashes starting at the base and finishing at ends. With the tip of brush cover the lashes on lower eyelid. When first layer dries, you can apply another – this way lashes will look thicker and have more definition. If lashes are clumped together or have lumps on them then you can comb them with a special comb or clean brush from used mascara. Final effect of eye make-up depends on the brush. And how does the brush in X-Rated Mascara from Smashbox look like?

X-Rated brush was designed so it would separate and comb lashes. It has long, wide bristle. If after getting the brush out of packaging you have to much of the product on it you can wipe it in the tissue or “comb out” with clean brush from used mascara. Then without any interruptions you can make your eye make-up.

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