Fifty Shades Of Grey Massage Me Candle

Many women would do almost everything to be like Anastasia Steele and have the possibility to feel the warmth of handsome Christiana Grey’s arms. Although life is not a romantic fiction, we can treat ourselves to a little bit of delight inspired by the book. Massage Me is a candle from Fifty Shades of Grey gadget collection, designed especially for spicing up erotic massage.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Massage Me Candle is one of the items signed by E. L. James’ novel. This non-standard solution lures not only fans of the trilogy but also people seeking for pleasure guaranteed by erotic massage given with oil products. Actually, Massage Me Candle can work as both a pleasantly flavoured room decoration and as a cosmetic improving sensation of erotic massage.

What can be found in Massage Me Candle?

The producer made sure that the product is not just another gadget from Fifty Shades Of Grey saga. Owning to the plant oils, the item is also characterized by caring features. The core ingredient of Massage Me (completed with additional substances) is a complex of natural oils, such as:

  • coconut oil,
  • jojoba seed oil,
  • apricot seed oil,
  • avocado oil,
  • soy oil,
  • Cannabis sativa oil.

The candle Massage Me provides outstanding caring properties and genuine pleasure connected with the manner of use. Plant oil complex gifts skin with moisture, smoothness and regeneration just upon the first use. The blessing properties of oils are enhanced by the manner of application, way of giving massage and time the oil has the possibility to be in contact with appropriately stimulated body skin.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Massage Me Candle is undoubtedly the inspirational idea which can be toyed with during, for example, romantic supper. Approximately after ten minutes since lightening up, the candle transforms its consistency due to the warmth generated by the flame. Once melted into velvet oil, the candle Massage Me is ready to use (mind you, first the flame hast to be extinguished). Suffice to pour the liquid form of the candle and start giving relaxing massage to the selected body parts.

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