Elegance and prestige – three remarkable mascaras from BURBERRY

Burberry is a brand valued for stunning and timeless handbags, coats and perfumes. Nonetheless, it is worth to pay some attention also to the make-up cosmetics from the brand. These guarantee great quality in beautiful edition. The particular attention deserve especially mascaras. Formulas of the mascaras were carefully developed and the entire collection received beautiful and elegant packagings decorated with characteristic to BURBERRY, checker motive.

BURBERRY mascaras are all similar looking, differ only in the shape of the wand and the material these are made of. Each of wands guarantees different effect on lashes.

Below article discusses briefly three available on the market, mascaras.


This mascara’s task is to slightly make lashes longer and to curl them. The wand is made of elastic, nylon fibres and has shape of ellipse. It is of small size, which allows precise eyelash make-up. The wand’s bristles are very thin, but dense and placed evenly on the entire brush to create spiral. Small, precise wand will provide subtle make-up effect. Each lash is being separated, covered with the product and curled. Burberry Curve Lash Mascara ensures ‘open eye’ effect and will be certainly liked by women who value chic and elegance in their make-up. The mascara is well pigmented, has quite runny consistency matching the wand type. Thanks to it, the cosmetic does not clump eyelashes and covers them with even layer of the product.


This mascara provides definitely more expressive make-up than the previous one. The wand is made of nylon, but has different shape. Bristle are evenly placed on the wand, have identical length, only at the top of the wand these are more narrow to create cone. Classical spiral ensure perfect eye make-up, reach every lash and cover it with the product to gently provide it with length and increase lashes volume. Shorter bristle on the wand allow reaching even the shortest eyelashes. Thanks to it the entire eyelash root line is optically denser and the look more intense. Mascara provides length and volume. Nylon wand applies cosmetic truly gently. If you are a fan of expressive make-up and you value extreme volume, then you will have to apply at least four layers of Bold Lash Mascara.


This mascara as the only one in the entire Burberry collection was equipped in carefully made wand. It has an hourglass shape and the bristles are arranged in uniform, but quite infrequent spaces. The mascara itself, though water based, is a bit thicker than the previously discussed two mascaras. Thanks to the feature, the mascara can create exceptional volume and provide precise distribution of lashes. The bristle on the wand have even length. Concave, central part of the wand allows precise separation of lashes and cover with the product. The wand causes that after first application look becomes more intense and eyelashes more visible. An additional plus in this mascara version from Burberry is that silicon wand is more resilient and hygienic. It is much easier to clean it and it will not deform even after months of use.

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