Bronzer Benefit Cosmetics: Hoola Zero Tanlines

Can’t you just wait till summer and the rays of sunlight are finally here? You wish for your skin to be brown and beautiful? If yes, then you will certainly need bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Zero Tanlines. You will love it for its immediate effects and adorable packaging.

Bronzer Hoola Zero Tanlines from Benefit Cosmetics has 147 ml/5.0 fl. oz. tube. Packaging of cosmetic is very colourful: decorated with violet, green, pink and brown flowers. But that is not the most extraordinary thing about it. When you look closely you notice that the cap resembles Hawaiian hoola skirt! Additionally on the inside of the cap is hidden applicator for the bronzer – small, brown sponge. Tube is placed in cardboard box with equally beautiful and colourful patterns.

Don’t be fooled by colour of Hoola Zero Tanlines bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics. It is really dark – shades of chocolate or dark brown. Fortunately, during application, bronzer administers easily and becomes lighter on skin. Thanks to it, you can apply few layers of product for even tan. Attached sponge also helps in application, because it distributes product on skin without smudges or darker spots, and you can avoid messy hands. Consistency of bronzer Hoola Zero Tanlines from Benefit Cosmetics resembles gel – yet another easing for girls who just can’t wait for sunny days. Tan holds up to 12 hours, doesn’t rub off or stain clothes.

Did you know that you can make tan last longer? Before application of Hoola Zero Tanlines do the scrub. This way skin will be smooth, dead skin removed and legs ready for tan. After treatment wait a moment; don’t apply bronzer right away, because skin can be irritated. Quite good idea for even colour of tan is hair removal – skin will be smooth and beautiful.

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