Beauty Benefits of Linseed Oil

Linseed oil, aka flaxseed oil, is one of the best-selling unrefined, cold-pressed oils used for its health and beauty benefits. The cosmetics stores are filled up with natural beauty oils and linseed oil is one of the best choices.

Linseeds have plenty of uses and properties, working both as a treatment for various diseases and a great way to look better. Linseed oil is valued in pharmacy, cooking and cosmetology. See what it is able to do.

Linseed oil: properties and ingredients

If you want your flaxseed oil to give great results and work as a perfect remedy or beauty product – it must be cold pressed at the 50 degrees Celsius tops. It must be unrefined to preserve the natural balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids so that they can keep the biological properties. Only the proper method of extraction allows the oil to keep powerful.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are the secret to the healthy body. Omega-3 acids make up an important building block of the body. Linseed oil is also rich in lignans that are similar to estrogen so they complement each other. They have antioxidant and anticancer properties, protect against osteoporosis, bad cholesterol and free radicals.

What effect does linseed oil have on the human body?

It has plenty of health benefits: regulates the menstrual cycle, relieves the menopause symptoms, balances the levels of hormones and… does much more! It has a great effect on the digestive system, aids the reduction of fat tissue, prevents sclerosis and enhances the skin’s defensive systems. Above all else, it cares for mental health.

Linseed oil: effect on scalp and hair

Linseed oil makes a perfect skin, nail and hair care product. Feel free to use it either on the face or the entire body skin. It’s usually recommended for sensitive, very dry, flaky, coarse and allergy-prone skins. It perfectly strengthens and nourishes the skin, and adds healthy shine. Linseed oil aids anti-cellulite treatment. It doesn’t congest the skin or clog the pores because it’s absorbed easily.

Thanks to the omega-3 acid it also works well for treating oily, acne-prone skins. This acid ensures the proper amount of the face oil and prevents clogged sebum glands. Linseed oil perfectly hydrates the epidermis, makes enlarged pores less noticeable and smoothes the wrinkles.

Fatty acids in the linseed oil improve skin’s plumpness and elasticity. The great news is this oil helps treat psoriasis, eczema, irritations, plus speeds up skin healing and reduces scars.

Drinking linseed oil helps nourish the hair and nails. Applying the oil to hair works great too. It keeps hair from getting dull and dry, and strengthens it. Linseed oil improves the nails, hydrating them and ensuring resistance to damage.

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