Annihilate this pimple! How to effectively get rid of blemishes?

Acne-prone skin is a quite common issue of many people. As much as 85% of us, at least once in a lifetime experienced acne. For some it went smoothly, and for others it meant skin changes covering almost an entire surface of face, which could not be removed this easily. Application of right cosmetics with targeted care for individual blemishes can help limit appearance of pimples or calm related with it symptoms. Which cosmetics for acne-prone skin will be effective?

Spot No. 1.

It is a small and pricey anti-acne product. How does it work? Fast, for sure. It effectively inhibits development of new inflammatory skin changes. It holds antibacterial properties due to content of three substances: piroctone olamine, glyceryl stearate and niacinamide. After targeted application it solidifies covering pimple with a white layer. Blemish becomes less visible and after inflammatory remains no scaring, redness or discolouration.

Spot No. 2.

Product this is dedicated for healing small but difficult wounds, frostbites, ulceration, bedsores or burns. It can also be used in skin care of oily skin, even though manufacturer has not enumerated it. It effectively dries pimples and make them less visible. Ingredients of gel are responsible for stimulation of collagen synthesis, which helps with healing fresh changes and after-acne scars.

Spot No. 3.

That is quite popular non-prescription product for healing after acne skin changes. It can be used on the entire surface of the face, not only on individual change. It checks out in calming under skin changes, which haven’t developed yet. Ingredients of gel accelerate healing processes of pimples and visibly make redness less visible.

Spot No. 4.

Cheaper equivalent of previous product. It indicates strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and toning up properties. It is best on sore, under skin changes, which only start to create. It quickly dries blemishes if used in early stadium. Its significant drawback can be that with time its properties can weaken.

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