Lashcode Mascara – Strengthen Your Eyelashes Day by Day!

Lashcode cannot be compared to any other mascara. The cosmetic ensures the most beautiful eyelash makeup as well as amazes with a number of nourishing and conditioning substances, which decides about its uniqueness. No other mascara is going to guarantee such healthy and mind-blowing lashes!

Lashcode Mascara – List of Benefits:

  • delivers maximum curl and extension
  • provides thickening without sticking lashes together
  • boosts volume without so-called spider leg effect
  • styles eyelashes
  • makes lash line fuller, reaching every eyelash
  • intensifies eyelashes at the roots, defining the lash line and eyes
  • the wand leaves lashes perfectly separated and picks up the ideal amount of the mascara
  • eyelashes are intensely black and look amazing in every lighting (even very intense)
  • one coat of Lashcode is enough to enjoy eye and lash definition
  • the mascara keeps fresh long months
  • it’s flake-free and clump-free yet very easy to remove
Lashcode Mascara – Benefits


Lashcode is something more than makeup – eyelash care and repair consisting in the active penetration of nutrients inside the lashes and bulbs.

Lashcode Mascara – Conditioning Ingredients:

  • Arginine – amino acid that fixes damaged structure inside eyelashes and boosts their growth
  • Vitamin E – a strong antioxidant that protects eyelashes from damage and ageing
  • Panthenol – also known as pro-vitamin B5, increases elasticity and strength
  • Baicalin – creates a protective filter on lashes, facilitates their regeneration and enhances their looks
  • Soy Sprout Extract – stimulates eyelash growth
  • Wheat Sprout Extract – strongly repairs and nourishes lashes

The combination of eyelash care and makeup precision with a groundbreaking elastic spiral wand makes Lashcode a pioneering product that belongs to the top beauty products on the market. No wonder Lashcode has become one of the hottest commercially-available cosmetics.

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