You Won’t Believe That These 4 Things Damage Your Hair!

You can’t expect your hair to look gorgeous unless you expose it to the right treatments – that’s obvious. But what should you do if you apply masks regularly and use plant oils to deliver nutrients, but somehow the strands are losing their shine and are getting brittle? Let’s go through the four biggest enemies of a beautiful mane. We’re sure that in a moment you will find the impostor responsible for ruining your hair.

1. Using a hair dryer

Let’s be honest here: How often do you grab a hair dryer? Every day? Every other day? Twice a day? It’s hard to resign from using this heat-styling tool because what’s the other way for you to create fabulous blowouts without a hair dryer? Sadly, the scorching temperatures directed at the hair cause irreversible damage to its inner and outer structures. More worryingly, the heat raises the cuticles, opening the way for moisture to evaporate from the hair. As it’s easy to guess, the hair dryer is one of the main aggressors responsible for making your hair brittle, dehydrated and frazzled.

2. Straightening hair with a flat iron

Even though a hair dryer seems to be a fairly harmless heat-styling tool, most of us know how hazardous the hot ceramic plates of a flat iron are. Extreme temperatures contribute to breaking the sulfur bridges in hair, which results in splitting, breaking and brittleness. Naturally, this won’t happen if you use the flat iron from time to time, but if you straighten your hair often, you shouldn’t be surprised that you end up with frazzled strands.

3. Going to bed with wet hair

If using a hair dryer isn’t recommended, then it must be okay to wash the hair as you take shower before going to bed, right? Well, that’s another way to cause damage to hair. Not only do you wake up with messy hair that is awfully hard to arrange in a nice-looking style, unless it’s a pony tail ofc, but also the hair is exposed to breaking when you toss and turn in your sleep. Wet hair is less resistant to mechanical damage, that’s why it shouldn’t be exposed to the rough surface of a regular pillowcase. To keep your hair healthy, try to let it air dry.

4. Exposing hair to sun and UV

You’ve probably heard that sun and UV light mess up with the skin, speeding up aging and leaving it flabby. But did you know that they harm your hair too? The sun and UV light hit the scalp where the follicles are hidden. Overexposure to sun also encourages color fading and deprives hair of water. As it’s easy to guess, this contributes to brittleness and thinning.

What’s the solution then?

Indeed, it’s hard to give up on the hair dryer, flat iron and the sun. Luckily, we know an easy-to-follow trick that will shield your hair from heat damage caused by sun and heat-styling tools. Equip yourself with a heat protection spray! This beauty product is truly wonderful and it won’t ruin your budget! By applying a heat protectant evenly all over your strands, you keep them safe from the ravages of heat styling. If you’re lucky, you will find a product that is enriched with nutrients, which will give you even better results.