Which Keratin Hair Mask is Best? Read Reviews of TOP Products!

Is your hair very dry, brittle and dull? Trying to make it better must be a nightmare. Tangled strands, frizz, unruly flyaways. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix that! You need a good mask which repairs damage, bringing lost shine, elasticity and smoothness back. A quality product will even improve the hair shaft and keep it safe from future damage. Which mask is best? The one with keratin of course! We help you choose the one giving the best effect.

What causes damaged hair?

There are many wrongdoers causing damage to our hairdos so keeping perfect condition can be really challenging. Apart from getting hurt because of unsuitable products, the hair suffers due to mechanical injuries (towel-drying, sleeping with wet hair, tugging, rubbing), heat styling, blow-drying, strong sunlight, freeze, or even pollution, smog and toxins. That is why protection is as important as repair.

How to care for damaged hair?

  1. HYDRATE your hair from within and protect it against losing moisture. Use protective mists, serums and oils.
  2. REACH FOR A KERATIN MASK. Use a good hair mask once or – for damaged hair – twice a week. It’s going to repair damage inside the hair making it look great on the outside.
  3. PROTECT damaged hair. Protecting hair against damage and the effect of environmental factors is extremely important. Use UV filters and avoid hot airflow while drying the hair. Give up on a flat iron.

Masks for damaged hair

A hair mask is the best home treatment to get pretty, healthy hair. With a good one you can really get a brand-new hairdo. Choose the best mask to see it’s the most important element of the hair-care routine. We show you top keratin hair masks that will make your efforts fruitful, finally. No more failed attempts to revive the hair. Try a professional treatment which really works. See the most noteworthy keratin hair masks!

Keratin Hair Masks: Which One is the Best? Reviews of Top Products


Nanoil  - the best keratin mask

The best mask for damaged hair to use at home! How do we know that? We read the reviews and comments on the effects. Thousands of women love Nanoil Keratin Mask because it… really works! Plus, it’s lightweight and non-overburdening, leaving the hair luminous, strong, bouncy and lovely-smelling.

The components are the secret to its success. Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask contains hydrolyzed keratin which is the most beneficial protein for hair! The formula also includes pro-vitamin B5 which is essential to healthy, lovely hair. Panthenol improves the repair process by intensifying the effect of keratin, but it has one more key role to play, namely, it beautifies from the very first use, leaving hair easier to brush, smoother and more resilient. Healthy and gorgeous hair from the roots to the ends is the effect!

Good price, large packaging (300 ml) and home delivery are the things that make us like the Nanoil Mask even more. Check it on www.nanoil.us.


There are people who believe they need to pay a lot of money to get an effective product. Here’s a treat for them: Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Mask.

This keratin mask is designed for repairing damaged hair. The formula deserves our attention because it suits damaged and dry as well as brittle and split-prone hair. Apart from plant keratin (vegan-friendly), it contains peony extract, sapote butter and baobab oil that leave the hair moisturized, strong, and free from frizz. The mask makes hair more resistant to damage and static. However, the high price and a rather small packaging are the things that discourage many girls.


This 200-ml mask is pricey. If you’ve got damaged hair and are ready to pay a lot, you’re going to appreciate the blend of keratin with natural oils. Lanza Keratin Healing Oil takes more time to give effects but it works well to secure hair against damage and external factors.

Use it regularly to make hair look better after some time. The mask combines keratin with natural oils to revitalize and nourish the hair. Even though it doesn’t work intensively, this mask has a conditioning effect and can be used on any hair type.


The Valmont 200-ml mask is ideal for extremely damaged, over-processed hair (because of straightening, coloring, permanent wave or bleaching). It’s very expensive but also recommended by hairstylists. The mask tames and smoothes hair after first use.

Still, you need to wait for the repairing effect for longer. If you use it regularly, you can expect revitalized and nourished hair. The manufacturer promises just three minutes are enough to add smoothness and softness to hair. Any volunteers to check that? You’d better wait for a discount (a big one). Or choose another mask which gets good reviews.


An intensive repairing effect makes up for a rather small packaging (200 ml for a high price). The Goldwell Keratin Mask is designed for very dry, bleached and over-processed hair. The product is thick, moisturizes even very stiff and dry hair, and leaves a slightly greasy coating on its surface.

The mask keeps moisture inside the hair and protects against dryness or damage because of heat or mechanical injuries. It closes cuticles in highly-porous hair and prevents static and frizzy hair. If your hair is extremely damaged and you can’t take control of it, then choosing the Goldwell mask may be a good idea.