TOP 6 Brow Serums. This Ranking Will Help You Choose The Best One!

Dream of wonderfully defined and bold eyebrows, but you were not naturally blessed with such arches? You need to find another solution! Remember to condition your brows daily, and in just a few weeks they will become nourished, naturally shiny, and filled in wherever necessary.

How to care for the eyebrows? 

All you need is a good eyebrow growth serum, which can make your gaze bolder. Apply it daily according to the producers’ recommendations, and you will quickly notice results.

Eyebrow serum penetrates deep into the follicles and revitalizes them from within. Day by day your eyebrows become more beautiful and stop falling out.

How does eyebrow serum work?

Eyebrow serum is designed not only to stimulate the follicles but also to significantly improve the appearance of the eyebrows. A well-chosen brow serum can work wonders: it can fill in gaps and sparse areas, significantly thicken, nourish, and moisturize the arches and making them the perfect frame for your beautiful eyes. Reach for a good eyebrow growth serum and start your proper brow care today! Provide your eyebrows with everything they need to grow and function properly. Eyebrow serums give them a protective barrier, keeping them from crumbling, breaking, and falling out.

We have prepared a ranking of the 6 top eyebrow serums, which are eagerly chosen by women in every corner of the world. They are sure to appeal to you too!

TOP 6 eyebrow growth serums – choose the best one!


Size: 5 ml

best eyebrow growth serum

This is a professional when it comes to eyebrow care. The professional Nanobrow brow growth serum is made with the highest quality ingredients, like botanical extracts, peptides, arginine, and panthenol. Four weeks of daily application is enough to provide you with your dream brows. The brows are regenerated, stronger, and full of natural shine, and you will be impressed by their definition and intense color. Finally, they will look gorgeous even without makeup!

The effective Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum can also stop eyebrow hair loss as it strengthens the protective barrier of the brows. Even after a few days of application, you will notice your brows look slightly darker and shinier. This brow serum works from within, nourishing and stimulating the follicles. All this is to make your brows fuller and properly moisturized. This serum contains everything you need to regenerate your eyebrows and keep them looking phenomenal.


Size: 6 ml

A brow serum that can fulfill your desire for strong and thick brows. Top-quality botanical extracts are responsible for improving blood circulation in the skin, strengthening the follicles, and stimulating hair growth. The formula also contains vitamins, minerals, and amino-acids which ensure hydration and natural shine.

The Xbrow conditioner requires a daily application for 12-16 weeks – after this period your eyebrows become defined and much thicker. You will notice the initial results after 3-4 weeks. Apply the product once a day on clean and dry eyebrows. The treatment ensures results only if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. It ensures the ultimate brow volume and thicker and well-regenerated brows It also provides them with a powerful dose of hydration and nourishment.


Size: 1.5 ml | 3 ml

This renowned brow serum protects the brows from damage and thickens them significantly. They finally become shiny and bold, and their texture and condition are sure to impress you. After just a few weeks of use, valuable nourishing ingredients like panthenol, lipids, and peptides will give your eyebrows the look of your dreams. The product is gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or allergic reactions. Various botanical extracts, such as ginseng and calendula, plus amino acids and vitamins strengthen, soften, and ensure the beautiful look of the eyebrows.

Apply this eyebrow serum once a day, cleansing your face and eyes of makeup beforehand. Do not use an oil-based products for this purpose, as they leaves greasy residues. This good eyebrow serum is gentle on the skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or allergic reactions.


Size: 6 ml

Do you want your eyebrows to gain shine and power? This eyebrow serum will help you do just that. The innovative gel-based eyebrow serum stimulates hair growth, and additionally gives them a subtle, neutral shade, boosting the effect of any makeup product. The eyebrow growth serum fills in gaps and sparse areas, making them more flexible, moisturized, and deeply revitalized. You won’t find potentially harmful ingredients here. This is an eyebrow product for all skin types. High-quality peptide complexes add extra volume to your eyebrows, while Acai Berries protect them from harmful external factors.

The recommended eyebrow growth serum is a multi-tasking product that provides nourishment, excellent makeup results, plus beautiful eyebrow color. Use it every day and you’ll get stronger, regenerated arches that will eventually stop falling out.


Size: 3 ml

A good eyebrow serum with Hexatein™2 complex and keratin, sweet almond extract, and polypeptides. These carefully selected ingredients nourish brow hairs from follicles to ends. They work at the source of the problem, eliminating the problem of thin, sparse, and weak eyebrows. Daily use can help you maintain the healthy appearance of the eyebrows and fill in gaps and defects.

The innovative eyebrow conditioner works after 60 days of daily use. The nourishing formula makes your eyebrows look neat and elegant even without makeup. After two months, the natural look of your eyes will surely surprise you.


Size: 5 ml

This eyebrow growth serum is designed to improve the condition and appearance of your eyebrows. With daily use, your eyebrows can regain their shine and fullness overnight. They will finally stop crumbling and falling out and gain natural protection from external factors. The eyebrow serum contains nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and active peptides, which nourish and moisturize the skin and stimulate keratin production.

The eyebrow serum is full of botanical extracts responsible for strengthening the eyebrows. After 4-8 weeks of use, the arches become filled in, thick, and stronger. It’s an easy-to-use product: just apply it to dry skin just before bedtime. Eyebrow growth conditioner is a frequent choice of female consumers.

Beautiful eyebrows? Only with a good brow growth serum!

There are no beautiful eyebrows without a properly selected brow serum. Eyebrow conditioner makes eyebrows strong, flexible, and easy to style. It only takes a few weeks and you will give your eyebrows the best. A good eyebrow serum is infused with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for their proper functioning.

Choose one of the effective eyebrow serums consumers and experts recommend!