Sweet Life of Hair – Sweet Almond Oil : Effects, Reviews, Effects of Hair Oiling

Sweet almond oil, a popular oil: the favourite of all young mums: it not only restores the vitality of tired and thinning hair after pregnancy, but also perfectly nourishes the delicate skin of a newborn baby. However, not only mothers and their children should be interested in it. This delicate oil with a beautiful, almond fragrance is a remedy for any problems with hair and skin. How does it work and what are the effects of hair oiling with almond oil?

Almond oil INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Sweet Almond Oil – Composition 

Cold pressed, unrefined almond oil – these qualities must have the perfect oil so that it does not lose its power, for instance, valuable vitamins and fatty acids, and sweet almond oil has quite a few of them. It is a wealth of unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins: E, D, A and B2. In addition, it contains sodium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphorus and zinc. It is gentle, it brings relief to all irritations, that’s why it is used by people with sensitive and delicate skin, and all those fighting with psoriasis, eczema and dandruff. Sweet almond oil also abounds in plant sterols and flavonoids – that’s why it slows down the ageing process of skin and hair.

Almond oil – cosmetic properties

The oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes. It is often a component of lotions for children and lotions for delicate, sensitive skin. It is less often used as a component of face creams, but it is perfect for hand and foot care. The substance can be used for foot baths or it can be rubbed into a dry or damaged nail plate (usually mixed with other oils). Delicate sweet almond oil is suitable for the treatment of baby diaper rashes, and sunburn. It takes cares not only of the skin, but also the hair – it doesn’t only improve its condition but also cures irritated the scalp. Almond oil leaves a nice, slightly sweet smell on the body and hair. Its effects are not interfering with pigments and silicones, it combines well with glycerine and other alcohols, which is why it is perfect as a component of perfumes and coloured cosmetics. It is also a good and eagerly used ingredient for the production of soaps.

Almond oil – how does it affect the skin?

Regularly applied to the skin, almond oil moisturizes it and prevents water loss from its interior. It works hygroscopically and protectively, creating a delicate, microscopic layer on the surface of the skin that protects it from irritation. Almond oil gently hydrates the skin, so it is good to apply it to dry parts of the body: hands, feet, knees or elbows.

Almond oil – how does it affect the hair?

Almond oil copes well even with extremely sensitive hair (thin, delicate, weakened due to overprocessing or seasonal hair loss). Sweet almond oil is well tolerated by the sensitive scalp, prone to irritation. In the summer, it should be used regularly for hair and scalp oiling. It will protect against sunburn, it will take care of the hair ends and prevent further damage. The oil not only protects the outer layer of the hair, but also penetrates into the interior and takes care of the internal structures of the strands.

How to use almond oil for hair oiling?

Just apply a small amount of oil to the hair and scalp (about 5 ml of oil should be enough for the whole hair oiling), leave it in for about an hour (it is good to wrap the hair in a towel because the oils like heat and their effect will be stronger.) The oil can be applied to dry or damp hair, and washed away – after an hour or even a few hours. Many women simply apply almond oil to their hair, wrap their head with a shower cap, go to sleep, and wash the oil in the morning – thanks to this, the oil has a lot of time to nourish the hair, scalp and bulb.

Almond oil – price

Almond oil has gained its popularity primarily due to the fact that it is inexpensive. Against other oils, its price is not high, and the wide availability makes it a willingly-bought cosmetic.

Almond oil – reviews

Almond oil collects the best reviews mainly as a remedy for delicate and sensitive skin. It takes care of the epidermis well and thanks to regular use, it reduces the new stretch marks on the skin. Its nourishing effect on hair is confirmed by bloggers, who often use it for oiling hair or as an addition to hair masks and balms.