Retinol – meet the best form of vitamin A

Retinol is one of those cosmetic substances that were scrupulously tested. Known for over a decade and is still believed to be the most effective compound with antiaging action. It’s retinol that renews and smooths out the skin. It is able to brighten discolorations, contribute to acne removal and provide you with spectacular effects in your endeavor to keep your skin young-looking.

Retinol – an essential part of skin care to get rid of wrinkles

Did you know that so far no one was able to discover a more effective anti-aging substance than retinol? It is a strong rejuvenating substance, which – when used correctly – uncovers new smooth and youthfully looking skin, inhibits aging, eliminates acne, imperfections, and discolorations. It helps revitalize skin and close pores. It is able to reduce sebum secretion and improve the general appearance and condition of the skin.

Even though the human organism is able to synthesize vitamin A, over time its ability to absorb this substance decreases. It obviously has an impact on our skin condition: it becomes susceptible to microdamage and irritations. What is more, first wrinkles start to appear, skin loses its firmness and moisture. Around 35 years of life, we start to observe the first signs of elastin and collagen production decrease. To prevent further damage and aging cosmetics with retinol should be included in daily skincare even right after turning 30.

Retinol – how does it work on the skin?

The tests and experiments conducted since the 80s by cosmetologists indicate that retinol can penetrate skin layers to stimulate cells to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. It is extremely effective to help and the perfect way for anti-age support.

The properties of retinol on skin:

  • effectively and intensively regenerates skin,
  • boosts cellular renewal,
  • increases collagen and   elastin production,
  • flattens wrinkles, makes the skin firm and smooth,
  • moisturizes,
  • regulates sebum secretion,
  • reduces acne,
  • exfoliates and renews the epidermis,
  • brightens discolorations.

For whom retinol will the best choice?

Cosmetics with retinol are perfect for people who observed the first signs of aging on their faces, as well as wrinkles or loss of firmness, also various imperfections, oily skin, discolorations. Retinol is a form of good serum not only renews skin but also helps with skincare of oily, acne-prone, and combination skin. If you have dry, sensitive, or couperose skin, you should start with the application of vitamin A in a very low concentration. As every cosmetic with strong action, retinol has some contradiction to use. Those are:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • irritated or damaged epidermis,
  • skin that is exposed to the sun, UV rays,
  • the use of cosmetics with acids.