Mascaras That Modern Women Say Yes To. Round-Up of TOP Products

The cosmetic market keeps changing, which results from the changing needs of modern women that products need to be adapted to. Women expect more from cosmetics, especially when it comes to picking the right mascara. It should be creating the desired lash look, and stay on for the entire day. Do such mascaras exist though? They do!

Modern women’s expectations towards a mascara

Over time the approach to makeup has changed. Women no longer test random products. These days they know what they want from cosmetics, which applies to mascara formulas too.

Going several years back, the clumpy, stiff, spidery lashes were quite common, however, we want a different lash look now. We want perfectly-separated lashes with a curl, without clumping or unnatural stiffness.

Most cosmetic makers try to fulfill the expectations yet not all of them succeed. This is why we decided to check women’s reviews over the Internet, and we managed to select four mascaras that definitely live up to a modern girl’s needs and wants.

Mascaras That Do Their Job, Really

Considering the great expectations of shoppers, it seems that the modern mascara formulation must be close to perfection.

After reading online reviews, we selected four mascaras that seemed to stand out. Let us present the product details.

the best thickening mascara nanolash

#1 Nanolash Mascara

Nanolash mascara is fans’ favorite. It seems to be second to none, offering lots of benefits. It is a safe formula, packed with botanical extracts and oils. In addition to flawless makeup, you can be sure your lashes are well taken care of and nourished during wear.

The Nanolash Mascara comes with a perfectly-shaped spoolie brush that’s made from quality silicone bristles. Using it, you can comb through lashes and cover them from base to tip (also the short lashes in eye corners). There are no complaints about how long it’s worn. The testers say it doesn’t smudge, flake or clump throughout the day.

SURPRISE! Going to the brand’s website, you will find two mascara versions:

You can pick out the one that suits you best, which is an extra asset for sure.

recommended mascara

#2 Lashcode Mascara

Lashcode is another well-rated mascara. It is a lengthening and curling mascara, and most users are happy with what it does.

The Lashcode Mascara comes with a well-shaped spoolie brush. It makes for easy application thanks to silicone bristles. The testers didn’t complain about the durability, saying the mascara doesn’t flake or clump.

Even though it isn’t a waterproof mascara, it doesn’t smudge from humidity or get on the eyelids.

#3 Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

The Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara comes next on our list. It receives positive reviews yet testers have noticed some shortcomings. Starting from the good sides, we can’t say anything wrong about the mascara brush because it’s well shaped and has a narrow tip. The application should not cause any trouble.

Sadly, the product has a big flaw, namely, the Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara tends to flake off at the end of the day.

#4 Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara

The Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara is designed to give eyelashes volume and lift them. The testers say it is possible after applying at least two coats. This may be tricky because the product dries fast.

The mascara stays put long, however, you can get smudges on the eyelids in rainy weather. The spoolie is a bit weird, much shorter than standard mascara brushes. Using it on the corner lashes may be troublesome.


These days, women don’t settle for less when choosing their mascara, and they definitely shouldn’t. We pay for a product so we want it to satisfy our needs.

The Nanolash mascara and other products from the ranking are, according to women’s reviews, one of the best mascaras out there. Why don’t you test them yourself?