How to Apply Eyelash Extensions At Home? Check Out Top Cluster Lashes!

Women are rarely happy with their natural eyelashes. Usually they are barely noticeable and thin. Mother Nature isn’t generous as far as lashes go, which is why women seek optimal solutions to achieve desired results. DIY cluster lashes are among the options. Which products deserve the greatest deal of attention?

DIY eyelash extension? Yes, it is doable!

Attempts to get healthy, voluminous lashes don’t always end up in success. It’s common knowledge that the life cycle of eyelash hair is short, which means when one lash grows, the other one falls out. That’s a completely natural process which cannot be changed.

Thickening mascaras and eyelash growth serums produce effects which are either temporary or require lots of time. Semi-permanent lash extension, on the other hand, may worsen natural eyelash hair, plus some women can’t get used to the fact that they can’t change anything about the lash style done by a lash tech.

That’s why the cosmetic market begins to offer DIY cluster lashes that help us completely change the lash look within several minutes. It is a real breakthrough taking the market by storm. Cluster lash extensions for home use are also dreams come true for women who love to experiment with their looks.

At the same time, the variety of lash products makes us wonder which one of them is actually the best pick. This might be a tricky decision. To clear up all doubts, we round up top DIY cluster lashes. Which ones prove the winner?

Round-Up of the Best DIY Cluster Lash Extensions. Which Product Deserves to be Hailed the Leader?

The round-up of top DIY cluster lashes have been created to help you make the right choice. The presented products stand out against competition. They let you apply lash extensions at home easily within a few minutes.

However, there can only be one winner of the ranking featuring the best lash extensions to use at home. The winner has the best features and provides the most comfortable wear. Let’s get to the bottom line. Keep reading for the second-to-none DIY lash clusters as well as other noteworthy products!

#1 Cluster lashes DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash

artificial eyelashes ranking

Without a doubt, we place DIY Lash Extensions from the brand Nanolash on top of the ranking. After all, the brand made itself famous through the top-quality lash products. Some of them are effective eyelash care cosmetics, others work great for styling the lashes.

The most demanding customers will be happy with the DIY Lash Extensions. The product is good for home use as well as for lash technicians.

The DIY cluster lashes from Nanolash are premium products made from lightweight, soft material. This means you can wear them without any feeling of discomfort. It goes without saying that this makes them a perfect pick for those with very sensitive eyes.

The DIY Lash Extensions have been designed to mimic real lashes. You don’t need to worry about the unnatural lashes that look just bad. These are faux mink-like lashes that are perfectly adapted to the eyelid shape as well as blend with natural lashes even if they’re thin and weak.

The DIY Lash Extensions are available in a pack of 36 lash clusters in 8 styles to choose from, and each pack offers 3 lengths: 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm. According to the product details, we need 4 or 5 clusters per eye so one box should be enough for 4 applications. In reality, we can reuse the cluster lashes after taking them off and cleaning them precisely, therefore, just one pack allows us to perform many more lash treatments. On top of that, thanks to a variety of lash styles, you can create both natural-looking and more dramatic volume lashes.

The brand also offers a full cluster lashes kit for DIY application. Here’s what you find inside:

  • Nanolash bonder – it becomes sticky after around 30-60 seconds, plus evens out the lash color.
  • Nanolash sealer – using it, you can remove the sticky coat from lashes easily and fast.
  • Nanolash remover – it helps remove the clusters whenever you want, without causing damage to natural lashes.
  • eyelash tweezers – fully made from stainless steel.

The products have 5 milliliters each so they should last long.

The DIY Lash Extensions can be applied in less than 10 minutes. The manufacturer promises the only thing we need to do is:

  • apply the bonder and wait so it gets sticky enough.
  • place a cluster around 1 mm from the lash line.
  • dab the sealer across the lashes.

Whether you have experience in applying lash extensions or not, you shouldn’t have problems with these cluster lashes. You can wear them for up to 5 days, however, women who have tried them say that the DIY Lash Extensions can last even for up to 8 days if we remember about proper aftercare.

Even though the manufacturer claims these are single-use cluster lashes, we came across online reviews clearly showing the lashes didn’t change their shape after removal. In other words, they are good for reuse.

Considering the above factors, we have no doubts – DIY Lash Extensions deserve to be rated the most highly!

#2 KISS Falscara Starter Kit

KISS Falscara Starter Kit is another product that will work for DIY eyelash extension. Simply put, it’s a basic kit that enables classic application of lashes.

It contains lash clusters in various sizes, plus essential accessories for at-home lash extensions. These DIY cluster lashes are quite lightweight and look natural, however, the black band is rather thick which might be a downside. In the case of Nanolash, for example, the lashes are placed on a thin band that guarantees easy application. Here, you will need to put your mind into placing the band on the lash line correctly.

The manufacturer claims we can apply cluster lashes in 10 minutes. However, considering the thickness of the band, the application may take more time. The estimated time of wear is four days but you should know that in order to achieve that you also need to buy an extra product – overnighter – and apply it on lashes every day before sleep. Even if you do, it’s still a shorter time than the eight days with DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. To make things worse, you can’t reuse Falscara lashes after covering them with the overnighter.

#3 Velour- Xtensions Kit

We rate Velour- Xtensions Kit third in our round-up. This DIY lash extension kit is supposed to let women achieve desired results at home. At the same time, it doesn’t contain a sealer so we need to buy it separately. It’s surely one of the biggest downsides.

Velour- Xtensions Kit are traditional cluster lashes for DIY application. We can use them for creating natural-looking lash styles. For more dramatic looks like Russian Volume, we need to use more clusters.

The application should take around 15 minutes, which is a slightly worse score compared to DIY Lash Extensions that are applied in less than 10 minutes. Velour- Xtensions Kit lashes should stay put for 5 days but the manufacturer says the time how long we can wear these depends on aftercare we follow.

#4 Lashify Starter Kit

Lashify Starter Kit comes next in our round-up. Another noteworthy cluster lashes case for home use. They come in different lengths and styles. We can apply them to create Russian Volume-like lashes or just slightly thicken our lashes.

Lashify Starter Kit cluster lashes come with other accessories. Though the lash kit has a nice packaging, its price is a dealbreaker for many as it tops in-salon lash extensions. Also, Lashify Starter Kit includes only 10 lash clusters, which means just one application. The available refills also contain just 10 bundles and are probably the most expensive products in their category. Simply put, deciding on the Lashify system, you need to be aware of spending a fortune.

As far as the application goes, it should take 10 minutes, but the manufacturer points out it may get longer when you apply them for the first time. We should be able to wear them for around 5 days yet the brand points out again that the time depends on individual predispositions.

#5 Lilac St Intro Starter Kit

Lilac St Intro Starter Kit is also designed for application at home. These are natural-looking lashes, offering different styles and lengths.

The manufacturer claims these lash extensions can be applied within just 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the users don’t agree. The reviewers point out the badly-shaped applicator, plus placing the cluster on the lash line requires lots of skill and experience.

Unlike Nanolash cluster lashes, the Lilac St Intro Starter Kit may cause lots of problems for beginners. In this case, you can get another applicator but this makes the kit incomplete.

Lilac St Intro Starter Kit cluster lashes may last for 2 to 4 days. This is slightly less than DIY Eyelash Extensions for example.

#6 Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit took the last place in our round-up. These are DIY eyelash extensions for use at home. The manufacturer claims we can use them to create Hollywood Volume lashes as well as more natural-looking lash styles, however, one might have doubts when looking at these clusters. The lashes are rather thick plus have a strong curl. They may look rather unnatural when we compare them to Nanolash’s DIY Lash Extensions for example.

In addition to lash clusters, the kit includes essential accessories that help carry out the first application. The process is supposed to take around 10 minutes and women who have tried the product seem to confirm that.

Unfortunately, how long the Glamnetic cluster lashes stay put seems to be the problem. The producer mentions vague “several days”, but some users report the wisps came off after just one day of wear. We guess that may depend on aftercare and the way of applying the lash clusters.

Without doubt, there’s room for improvement as far as the Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit goes.

The Best DIY Cluster Lashes – Summary of Product Ranking

Surely, women who shop for DIY cluster lashes face a lot of dilemmas. Hopefully, our round-up will shed light on eyelash extension at home.

DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash prove a leading product for sure; these lash wisps have all features that guarantee fast and easy lash extension at home. Using them, you will definitely achieve desired results.

When choosing the cluster lashes, you should think of a brand as well as the available lash lengths and styles. You need to match them to your eye shape and the effect you are after. With these things in mind, you will surely make the right choice.