Eyelashes Serum Test – Regenerum vs. Eveline

My greatest problem are short and fine lashes. I have nothing against my body shape, skin, hair, but there just had to be something wrong and – in my case – it is about eyelashes. For months I try to do something about it, and it’s all for nothing. For now best results brought pure vegetable oils, however those weren’t visible changes. Today I’d like to present test of two eyelashes serums – Regenerum and Eveline. Which one is better?


Regenerating eyelashes serum from Regenerum bought me with its formula. I am talking about the innovative idea with releasing two phase product. On one side of packaging we have serum with eyeliner, which is used on lashes line. It contains lipooligopeptides, which should accelerate lashes growth and add volume. On the other side is serum with brush enriched with provitamin B5, aloe vera and youth vitamin, and it is used on an entire lashes length to strengthen, moisturise and make them more flexible.

It all looked pretty good, so I regularly applied serum Regenerum, though I have to admit that sometimes I was annoyed by the necessity of switching the applicator, multiple twisting of the packaging. It is not a comfortable solution, you can mix it up and use wrong applicator. The upside is fact that serum from Regenerum absorbs fast and doesn’t cause clumping. Sadly, it happened that my eyes were red and prickle after application. Despite of that I used the product for a month, but I had no results – my eyelashes were just like they were before.


Concentrated eyelashes serum 3in1 from Eveline is a product, which combines triple action – it restores and stimulates lashes growth, but also work as a mascara base. Advance Volumiére 3in1 in its composition has strong moisturising and stimulating hyaluronic acid and nourishing D-panthenol. Sounds good, and it will be even better when I tell you that Eveline equipped its serum with silicon brush. I love silicon applicators, so right now I’m in heaven, when it comes to application!

Its action is fifty-fifty, but still better than Regenerum. Why? Because this serum doesn’t sensitise or cause irritations (like Regenerum did) and it gave at least minimal effect. On my lashes it kind a worked – it is very good at nourishing lashes and is perfect as an eye make-up base. It covers lashes with subtle filter, what makes mascara last longer and give extreme length (I cannot say that about the serum itself, which should do it on its own).