Essential cosmetics for a teenager

The choice of cosmetics for teenage skin is not as easy as it may seem. Girls tend to often worsen the condition of their young skin by picking the wrong cosmetics. That is why you should remember that the decision shouldn’t be made randomly. The proper habits when it comes to a skin cleanse and skincare should be learned as soon as possible.

When it comes to young skincare, a very important role has not just the cream, but also the entire series of cosmetics such as face wash gel, toner, or even foundation. How to correctly choose the essential cosmetics for a teenager? Check it out in our article below.

1. Cream for the teenager

The most popular is cream with antibacterial properties to support the healing process of blemishes. However, remember to choose a gentle cream to avoid irritations and such that moisturize because hydration is relevant for skincare of all ages. It is also of importance for the cream to have a UV filter to protect the skin against the harmful impact of the sun. Keep in mind, that not every skin suffers from excess sebum so mattifying and antibacterial face cream is not always the right choice so choose the cream for your skin type. For the less problematic skin types, you should consider the use of creams with moisturizing properties, e.g. aloe or hyaluronic acid.

2. The right antibacterial gel

Antibacterial gel for young skin is one of those cosmetics that is expected to support your efforts to get rid of acne and other imperfections while removing excess sebum that gather on the skin during the day. The antibacterial gel should be used once a day – in the evening, or twice a day; if used more than that it can interfere with the sebaceous glands’ work and other functions of the skin. For this reason, it is best to use two washing products: first, as mentioned, antibacterial gel, and second should be gentle moisturizing foam that will take care of the skin without interference in its microbiome.

3. Toner for the young skin

Due to the fact that young skin produces a lot of sebum, toner for this type of skin should hold cleansing, mattifying, and balancing properties. It often happens that the toner also has antibacterial action but remember that the toner should be gentle to avoid skin irritations. Instead, it should perfectly balance and restore the correct pH of the skin. That is why for daily use choose less invasive toner, that is without alcohol.

4. Te correct foundation for teenager

The foundation is a very important cosmetic in the bathroom of every teenager. We all know that at this age skin is less than perfect due to hormonal changes that often result in skin imperfections and blemishes. To cover them the right way you need a proper foundation that is able to conceal unwanted spots without making the skin oily, or clogging pores but allows it to breathe. Look for the foundation with antibacterial action, which at the same time is light and has the right coverage for you to feel calm about your appearance.