5 Things You Should Do to Keep Teeth Snow White

There are lots of remedies for whiter teeth. Getting a whitening toothpaste is the easiest way but it sometimes proves not enough. Keep reading for 5 things you can do to realize the dream of snow-white teeth. It’s easier than you think!

How do you care for your teeth? You surely brush them morning and evening, but it’s usually not enough to be a proud owner of a snow-white smile. What else can you do?


1. Replace your toothpaste with a whitening one.

Unsurprisingly, getting a whitening toothpaste is the first step towards a more lovely smile. What type of product should you choose exactly? A good whitening toothpaste must contain ingredients that are able to rub the plaque off and reduce discoloration. Sodium bicarbonate and hydroperoxide are the most common, but activated carbon is getting more and more popular. You can actually make such a product yourself by adding powdered charcoal (available at the drugstore) to your regular toothpaste.

2. Use a dental floss and mouthrinse.

People tend to make a huge mistake focusing only on brushing the teeth while food residue and impurities gather between the teeth, on the tongue and cheeks. All this has a big impact on tooth health and appearance. After brushing, take a floss and mouthwash to be 100% sure you get rid of all the things that cause decay and discoloration.

3. Chew sugar-free gum after every meal.

You should realize that the nasties build up in your mouth throughout the day so brushing your teeth twice a day is insufficient. Sometimes we can’t bruh them after every meal but we can make use of chewing gum. Note: make sure it’s free from sugar to avoid the harmful effects. Chewing a gum is a quick way to clear the teeth during the day. Beyond that, it resembles exfoliation and stimulates production of saliva which has an antibacterial effect.

4. Cut down on coffee, tea, wine and colored drinks.

You want white teeth? Oral hygiene is fundamental but you need something more. Cut down on drinks which tend to cause tooth discoloration. Coffee and tea are the top wrongdoers, but it’s also red wine and highly-pigmented orange soda. Go for water or water with lemon which is high in vitamin C having a brightening effect. You can indulge in green and white teas because they don’t discolor the teeth and are rich in antioxidants.

5. Eat fresh fruits like apples and strawberries.

Eating more fresh fruits is a habit we should build. Why eat them fresh and not in the form of juices, for example? Because apart from containing acids that have an exfoliating effect and effectively clear the teeth, they act as a natural scrub when you bite them. Instead of a chocolate bar, choose an apple for health benefits and a whiter smile!