5 make-up tricks that can help you do it faster

Each one of us has those days when we do everything in a hurry because there are definitely too many things to do and too little time to do it all. As we all know make-up is the ultimate time-eater. How to do it faster to have a moment more for other chores? We know a way or two!

When you type in ‘simple way for a quick make-up’ into the Internet, you will find dozens of tutorials that will tell you about it how easy that is to do a make-up in 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The secret is not in sticking to them and following step by step but to get to know and remember the tricks that will make you do your make-up faster.


1. If you have too little time in the morning, prepare your skin a day prior.

When skin is smooth, supple, and well hydrated, free from imperfections it is easiest to apply your make-up. To spare yourself some time in the morning, it is worth considering preparing your skin the day before. How? By thoroughly cleaning your skin, getting rid of blackheads, and by using some exfoliator because it is best to remove dry skin patches – the greatest enemy of the perfect make-up. Before bedtime, you should apply good cream to moisturize and regenerate the skin during the night. Use also under eye cream to avoid getting up with puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes.

2. Mix your foundation with a face oil, e.g. sweet almond oil.

The proper make-up should begin with thoroughly even skin and complexion and the cosmetics for this task are primer, foundation, and powder You can save some time by mixing your foundation with two drops of oil, e.g. almond, argan, or jojoba oil. This way you won’t need a primer because this mix is able to condition, smooth out and moisturize your skin while making skin even. It is a simple trick in make-up often used by professional make-up artists who stand behind the perfect and glowing images of the stars.

3. Quit complicated make-up and switch it up with smokey eyes.

When we discuss time then smokey eyes are way faster to do, no doubts about that. What is the trick in make-up that can assure the intended effect without tiresome blending? You have to apply three eyeshadows on the eyelid: light one in the corner of the eye, medium in the middle, and dark one on the external eye corner. Then draw a line along eyelashes. Now for the last step, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and in quick movements along the eyelashes and on the crease blend the eyeshadows. The eye make-u is ready!

4. Make your eyes stand out using the eyelash curler trick.

Application of eyeliner is what takes the most time. To speed up the process, you can try the eyelash curler trick – at the same time, you will apply the line and curl your eyelashes so that those can be ready for the make-up. Before you use the eyelash curler, you just need to use some soft and creamy pencil on the curler’s edge. When you close the eyelash curler the pencil will imprint on the skin and you will gain a perfectly straight line along eyelashes root line and curled eyelashes. This trick won’t work with eyeliners that have a liquid consistency.

5. Use magnetic eyelashes to make your eyelashes look better.

Do you lack time for mascara applications that would ensure volume effect? You can always use some eyelashes extensions which are plenty on the market right now and they were designed accordingly to day and night make-up in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, you do not even need glue because you can also have eyelashes extensions… on magnets. Magnetic eyelashes are two thin strips that have magnetic tape at their tips so after application on the top and bottom eyelashes they immediately glue together. It is a quick way to make your eyelashes stand out – and what’s more important – remove them easily.