5 Best Serums With Horse Chestnut Extract to Deal With Broken Capillaries

What are the needs of couperose skin? Firstly, it seeks relief. Secondly, it wants you to help it become resistant to irritants. Thirdly, it needs protection. Luckily, there is one common cosmetic ingredient that satisfies all these needs – horse chestnut extract. Which face serum enriched with this plant-derived substance works best?

While searching for the ideal face serum for broken capillaries, it’s advised not only to focus on the price but also take into consideration other crucial aspects.


  • a lightweight formula so that skin soaks it up quickly, without leaving any greasy residue
  • be formulated with quality ingredients and has no irritants such as colorants or aromas
  • plant extracts, including horse chestnut extract that is proven to be beneficial for capillaries

Why is horse chestnut extract recommended to couperose-prone skin?

Horse chestnut is a natural remedy for weak and broken capillaries. Growing in most places in the world, horse chestnut is a common cosmetic ingredient of natural origin. In cosmetics, it’s mainly used in products designed for problematic skin, and this can be couperose skin, but not only. Horse chestnut also has many benefits for sensitive, reactive, prone to redness or rosacea complexions. This plant-derived extract soothes skin and leaves it balanced.

Horse chestnut extract added to a face serum handles a few tasks:

  • boosts blood circulation
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • leaves capillaries flexible and resilient
  • prevents the appearance of spider veins
  • erases facial redness

Which face serum for broken capillaries enriched with horse chestnut extract is worth trying?

Surprisingly, quite a number of cosmetic products are enriched with horse chestnut extract. Interestingly, however, they don’t work the same. How so? Because in some cosmetics this extract acts just as a filler, whereas in others it plays the role of the key ingredient. The texture of the product also matters. In general, there are several different factors that affect the quality of a face serum and the effects it produces.

If you aren’t sure which face serum for couperose skin to choose, take a look at the list of the top five serums formulated with horse chestnut. You can buy them online.


The best among face serums designed for couperose skin. Recommended not only by users but also by skin specialists. Interestingly, Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum is a popular beauty product offered in beauty salons. Why? Because this is an ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing serum that brings instant relief to irritated and tight skin. Horse chestnut extract is teamed with other powerful extracts: linden, cypress and Punarnava that has strong antioxidant properties. Thanks to its non-greasy and non-comedogenic texture, Nanoil face serum works from the first use, erasing facial redness, relieving the burning sensation and tightness. The longer Nanoil serum is used, the better skin feels and looks. That’s currently the best anti-redness face serum able to strengthen the walls of weak capillaries, revitalize, soothe irritations and deal with redness. A pleasant aroma, water-based formula and well-selected ingredients are something that even the most reactive skin tolerates well. There is no better anti-redness face serum with horse chestnut extract than Nanoil.

For more information visit – www.nanoil.us


Exuviance Antiredness Calming Serum, a serum erasing facial redness brought out by one of the most popular cosmetic brands known for developing an innovative approach to skin care. The very first thing that strikes is the price – you have to pay quite a lot for this innovation, which may be simply outputting for some users. However, once you give the face serum a go, it handles inflammation and blotchy skin perfectly. It also seals and strengthens blood vessels, preventing them from breaking. This effect is achieved due to – of course – the horse chestnut extract, but not only. Exuviance serum for couperose skin has a pretty long composition so you can find other plant extracts taken from algae, willow berry, licorice and white tea. And again, that’s not all. There are also other ingredients, including zinc, caffeine, peptides and lactobionic acid. If broken capillaries give you sleepless nights, Exuviance Facial Serum can help you get a brighter complexion.


Here is another top-rated serum enriched with horse chestnut extract designed for sensitive and couperose skin. What should you know about Keep Calm Serum from the Be The Sky Girl? First of all, this is a creamy face serum offering you a blend of plant extracts originating from all over the world. That’s why in this serum you can find horse chestnut, comfrey, ivy, witch hazel, arnica, St. John’s wort, grapevine and even coconut. The formula also contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which is known for improving skin’s resilience. All the ingredients are turned into a cosmetic whose creamy formula leaves skin pleasantly soothed, with no irritation. Be The Sky Girl serum for capillary skin also strengthens blood vessels, prevents them from breaking and minimizes blemishes. It also works as an antioxidant and anti-aging agent, and these qualities make it one of the most interesting face serums for couperose-prone and mature skin. The serum is intended for evening use, and should be teamed with other products that belong to the series.


An offering for those who reach for beauty products having a more versatile application. Even though Biologique and its repairing and brightening face serum isn’t primarily designed for couperose skin, it’s perfectly suitable for sensitive skin showing spider veins. It contains horse chestnut and witch hazel extract, both of which are responsible for strengthening weak blood vessels. It can’t be denied, this face serum is saturated with ingredients making your home skin care more effective. What exactly is Biologique Recherche Le Grand Serum formulated with? For example with anti-aging agents (extracts taken from myrtle, myrrh, lilac, almond and watercress, plus amino acids), antioxidants (cranberry, mimosa and wasami extract, vitamin complex and apple cider vinegar), moisturizing substances (royal jelly, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid) and brightening agents (cucumber, witch hazel, St. John’s wort and mint oil) – in total there are about 50 different ingredients used in this serum. You can apply Biologique face serum once or twice a day to let it do its magic, no matter how sensitive your skin is.


Our list of the best face serums enriched with horse chestnut extract designed for couperose skin also includes Bielenda Capillary Repair serum. This is a really good serum for broken capillaries that apart from horse chestnut, contains vitamin C and routine – both ingredients are in charge of repairing skin, leaving it well-balanced and irritation-free. This serum’s lightweight texture makes it perfect for evening and morning application. Capillary Repair Serum brims with naturally-derived substances, including mountain arnica flower extract and castor oil, to name just a few. What effects does it bring? Apart from soothing irritation, this serum delays ageing, brightens discolorations and – what’s the most important – it improves the flexibility of blood vessels to eliminate the problem of spider veins and red splotches.