Strawberry and Vanilla Summer – New Body Mists from The Body Shop

It refreshes the body in the summer and provides you with energy. What is it? Body mist from The Body Shop, of course. It will be perfect for hot days on the beach or in the city. Grapefruit, mango, strawberry, vanilla and gardenia will make summer travels and long walks more pleasurable in a matter of few seconds.

Why are body mists recommended for the summer days? Well, for one those cosmetics will help you survive high temperatures, and will provide relief to tired and sore legs. What is more, body mist can easily replace perfumes. Their scent will last long on skin, hair and clothes. In the hot days better are light aromas than heavy scents of well known products. Application of mist is really simple. You just need to administer cosmetic with atomiser. However, best in mists are fragrance compositions. In most cases they combine scents of fruits and flowers and do not contain alcohol or other substances, which could cause dryness.

Body Mists from The Body Shop are placed in 100 ml/3.52 oz. bottles with colourful labels. They cover body with delicate scent that lasts long on skin and hair. You can choose out of several aromas, like: vanilla, grapefruit, moringa, strawberry, mango, tangerine, coconut or rose. Mists from The Body Shop contain nourishing ingredients responsible for conditioning of your skin and hair.

How should you use body mist? Those cosmetics have light consistency, so they do not leave greasy marks on skin or clothes and are easy in application. Spray product at the distance of 15 cm/5.91 in. from the body. For the scent to last longer use the same trick as for perfumes. Apply cosmetic on the skin behind ears, on the wrists, between shoulder blades and on hair. Fruity and energetic scent will accompany you throughout the entire summer trip.