Newest trends in fashion and make-up in 2016

It is hard to keep up with fashion. Along with the new season of the year come new make-ups, hair and clothes that some time ago we couldn’t even dream about. What you once thought was passé and extravagant, this year might become very trendy. Check below, what’s ahead of you in fashion and make-up in 2016.

Top trend make-ups

We can expect that blue colour will have its big come back from the nineties. Eye shadows, mascaras and eyeliners are going to be very trendy in this colour. Cosmetics in all shades of blue can be applied on entire eyelids, in a form of lines or even on eyelashes. We can expect some original colours on the lips as well. Highest trends here are shades of intense plum, shiny gold or cobalt. But remember one thing: that basic rule of all make-up artists will never change; intense eyes and neutral lips or the other way round. Don’t put blue eye shadow with golden lipstick.

Newest trends in hair stylisation

What’s new in the world of hair styling? The most trendy haircut will be buzz cut or just very short hair. Such haircut is easy in maintenance, you don’t have to brush them or dry with blow-dryer. However, this kind of haircut won’t necessarily work for all woman and not every woman will look good in them. If you prefer more traditional hairstyle try plait or straight and smooth hair. Those hairstyles are very flattering, comfortable and easy to do. Dominates tight plait. Top trend will be also very short bangs – straight or layered.

What else is new?

In 2016 on the catwalks will appear models in a bit larger sizes. Up to date will be curves and athletic bodies. This season is all about natural look, but also about brave creations and make-ups.