The Best Argan Oils RANKED. Only Top-Rated Oils!

Wrinkles, acne, discolorations, damaged hair, brittle fingernails, saggy skin, nasty stretch marks… argan oil will help you deal with all of these imperfections easily! No wonder why genuine Moroccan argan oil is recognized as the world’s most popular cosmetic oil.

Have you ever wondered which argan oil is the best? Which one should you pick to get the desired results? Luckily, you don’t have to test hundreds of plant oils any longer – we know the winner! Just look at the list below to make the right choice.

What is argan oil made from? [constituents]

Argan oil is more than just a set of essential fatty acids, which in fact it’s most famous for. Its one-of-a-kind constituents make argan oil one of the finest plant oils for conditioning skin and hair. And the best bit is that the effects achieved with genuine argan oil go beyond expectations of most users. When cold-pressed and unrefined, argan oil offers:

  • TOCOPHEROLS – among others vitamin E that is a potent antioxidant having a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It also combats acne.
  • POLYPHENOLS – protect skin, deal with bacteria, slow down ageing processes and help remove pigmentation spots.
  • CAROTENES – have an anti-ageing effect on the skin. They even out complexion and leave skin stronger.
  • PHYTOSTEROLS (plant sterols) – prevent loss of water and protect the skin from irritations.
  • OLEIC ACID (mono-saturated) and LINOLEIC ACID (poly-saturated) – it was proven that only argan oil offers the best ratio of those two acids, which also is proven to be beneficial for the human organism. They protect, nourish and maintain hydration in skin.

What are the benefits of argan oil?

Do you know what you can gain by introducing pure argan oil to your beauty routine? Not without a reason this oil is called the Liquid Gold of Morocco – its remarkable properties turn a day-to-day hair and skin care into an exclusive ritual. Check what the top-quality argan oil can give you:

  • Delays ageing, combats free radicals, reduces fine lines.
  • Slows down hair thinning, repairs, strengthens and adds shine.
  • Locks water inside skin for lasting hydration.
  • Aids in fighting against cellulite and stretch marks (perfect for body massage).
  • Is ideal as a serum for face, body, nails and the under eye.
  • Erases pigmentation spots, imperfections and acne scars.

Good argan oil? Where should you get it from?

Do you think about getting yourself the best and top-quality argan oil? Check if it’s cold-pressed, unrefined and certified. Argan oil should be 100% pure and natural, free from any trace amounts of other substances, parabens and silicones. It shouldn’t be thinned with other plant oils either. Luckily, recognizing genuine argan oil is a really simple task. How to do it? Check the INCI. If it says “Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil” this means that the bottle you’re holding in your hand is filled with 100% pure argan oil.

Fun fact

Original argan oil comes from Moroccan terrains, from UNESCO biosphere reserve in particular. Argan tree is the endemic species, meaning that it occurs and is native only to one geographical region. Always check the origins of argan oil.

The best argan oils RANKED


The best argan oil Nanoil

Size: 1.69 oz | 50 ml

Official website:

The first place and the title of the best argan oil belong to Nanoil Argan Oil. Undoubtedly, this title is well-deserved, and this is proven by thousands of raving reviews given by the users describing the remarkable benefits and superb effectiveness of this plant oil. Nanoil offers big size, the highest quality, certified and pure argan oil that hasn’t gone through any purification processes. Adding the cold pressing method that was used for extracting this Nanoil product, makes it a single-ingredient argan oil that preserves 100% precious nutrients for the sake of skin, hair, scalp and nails.

With this argan oil you can improve your looks from the heads to toes. Nanoil Argan Oil conditions hair (it’s safe for the scalp therefore it can be used for hair oil treatment), strengthens brittle nails, fixes damaged hair, deals with split ends, and leaves the strands glossy. Additionally, it works as a face serum that fights acne, wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Furthermore, Nanoil’s argan oil is able to help you remove cellulite and stretch marks.

You can use Nanoil Argan Oil for full body massage, combine it with other plant oils or essential oils, use it for homemade coffee or sugar body scrubs. And that’s not all! With this argan oil you can also easily remove color cosmetics from the face. Last but not least, having a positive effect on hair, Nanoil Argan Oil can be also used for beard treatments.


Size: 2 oz | 59 ml

It can’t be denied, a high price doesn’t scare off the enthusiasts of natural argan oil offered by John Masters Organics. Even though most people don’t consider this product to be budget-friendly, this argan oil sells well and collects positive reviews from its users. This is all-natural organic argan oil recommended for various hair and skin treatments.

This oil strengthens brittle fingernails and soothes dehydrated, hyper-reactive skin. On top of that, John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil is often used as an age-defying tool that also shields the skin from the adverse effects of external aggressors such as sun damage, freezing weather, urban pollution and smog. If you happen to have dehydrated skin on knees and elbows, genuine argan oil may help you soothe these problematic areas.

John Masters Organics’ argan oil comes with a dark-glass bottle, which shields the oil from the sunlight. This, obviously, helps the oil stay fresh and preserve its nutrients for longer.


Size: 1.69 oz | 50 ml

Most people know the Moroccanoil brand for offering argan-oil-based hair care products. The rising popularity of argan oil inspired the brand to launch a single-ingredient product, that is 100% pure, fragrance-free cosmetic oil extracted from argan kernels.

Moroccanoil’s argan oil is good at dealing with dry skin and hair not only by delivering moisture but also by locking it inside. Additionally, it shows nourishing action and therefore it visibly improves saggy, resilience-deprived skin. Despite being fairly popular, there are some mixed opinions about this argan oil’s price. In short, it’s said that the quality isn’t great for the price.

However, as far as the effects go, Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil is suitable for body massage and bathing. It makes skin more resilient, helps remove stretch marks and cellulite – it’s suggested combining argan oil with essential oils to create customized oil blends to fight orange peel. Finally, this argan oil works perfectly as tanning aftercare because it soothes irritations and intensifies the color of sun-kissed skin.


Size: 3.38 oz | 100 ml

Satin Naturel launched this certified for being organic argan oil that comes in a big size. The dark bottle keeps the oil from going rancid and the dropper and atomizer helps you apply the product easily, by measuring every drop of it. This oil can be spread on the entire body and hair. Satin Naturel Organic Argan Oil strengthens weak and brittle hair by moisturizing it and bringing out its natural color and shine. No matter the application method you choose, whether you spray wet, freshly washed hair with the product or rub a portion into dry hair before styling, you always get the desired results, provided that you don’t use too much product.

When it comes to skin care, Organic Argan Oil maintains hydration and at the same time prevents the loss of moisture. Vitamin E, which this oil is rich in, delays ageing and fights off free radicals that are known for having a negative impact on the human body. With argan oil the skin also wins protection from urban pollution. Last but not least, precious unsaturated fatty acids reinforce the hydrolipidic film, and therefore improve the condition of skin.


Size: 3.38 oz | 100 ml

Big-size packaging attracts the customers, and this is one of the reasons why Allskins Bio’s argan oil happens to be one of the top-choices. This cosmetic argan oil seems to be a do-it-all product destined for face, body, hair and nail care. It gives great results when used as a replacement for a regular body balm. Apply it to the wet body right after showering to let the oil penetrate the skin and give you all its benefits without the actual oily feel.

Argan oil offered by Allskin takes good and gentle care of problematic skin that happens to be hyper-reactive and sensitive. Furthermore, this natural beauty product delays ageing, helps you erase pigmentation spots and acne scars. You should also like the effects that Allskin Bio Argan Oil has on dry hair and weak fingernails.


Size: 2.02 oz | 60 ml

Marrakesh’s argan oil is 100% pure oil extracted from argan kernels. It comes in a big size bottle and the oil’s texture is incredibly pleasant. When used on a day-to-day basis, this product is said to nourish and moisturize deeply, repair the skin and give it the youthful-looking glow. It doesn’t clog skin nor leaves an oily feel. Instead, Marrakesh Pure Argan 100% penetrates skin fast which makes it a perfect product for delicate skin with blemishes. Many users report that argan oil made their skin silky smooth and calm.

This argan oil from Marrakesh brand offers a bunch of age-fighting antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Together they are responsible not only for supplying skin with nutrients but also for protecting it from the external aggressors and the adverse effects that they have on the skin. 


Size: 0.16 oz | 5 ml, 1.69 oz | 50 ml, 3.38 oz | 100 ml, 6.76 oz | 200 ml

The most distinctive quality of Gold of Morocco’s argan oil is the various sizes that you can choose from. It’s worth reaching at least for the smallest one, which is 0.16 oz, to see how this natural Moroccan argan oil works on your skin and hair. When it comes to the benefits for hair, this product is good at combating dryness, taming, smoothing out and providing frizz control. This is how the strands treated with argan oil become soft, shiny and pleasant to the touch. On top of that, this oil is supposed to protect hair ends both from damage and splitting.

Gold of Morocco Argan Oil can be also used as a heat protector, it makes styling easier and ensures nighttime hair care. Additionally, with this product strands win protection from sun damage and external aggressors such as heat generated by styling tools, dust, smog, toxins and freezing weather. Last but not least, Gold of Morocco Argan Oil is recommended for nourishing and moisturizing hair extensions.


Size: 1.52 oz | 45 ml

At first glance Keune’s argan oil looks different from other cosmetic oils. It’s sold in a green bottle, the cost per a piece is fairly high, and the quantity of the oil that you get doesn’t necessarily come hand in hand with the price. However, if you don’t find these things relevant, you get a natural argan oil that offers deeply nourishing repair treatment for skin and hair. Keune’s So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil visibly improves the appearance of skin and hair, leaving them youthful-looking.

The list of advantages also includes the fact that this argan oil is lightweight, it neither clog pores nor leaves hair oily. Many users find Keune’s So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil a perfect product for their daily beauty routine. It provides protection from sun damage, external aggressors and the damage caused by heat styling. Finally, argan oil from Keune helps you control frizz and makes hair more manageable.