Infallible Sculpt – Contouring Palette from L’Oreal Paris

Face contouring is about modelling it in a way to highlight its qualities and hide eventual flaws. Contouring task is to make face gain more expressive feminine face features. Face metamorphosis is possible thanks to one palette – Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette from L’Oréal Paris. What is so characteristic about this product?

Infallible Sculpt – simplicity

Contouring palette is very handy, because it limits necessity of having two separate products and looking for them at the bottom of the vanity bag during everyday make-up. Infallible Sculpt is a highlighter and bronzer in one elegant palette. There couldn’t be anything simpler and more functional than that. At the one side of palette is highlighter and right next to it, fitting it bronzer. Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette is available in two shades: 01 Light/Medium and 03 Medium/Dark.

Infallible Sculpt – quality

L’Oreal Paris prides itself with great quality of cosmetics for make-up, so contouring palette signed with this brand’s name has to be professional product. And it is. Infallible Sculpt was developed, so the formula provide long lasting and perfect effect. Highlighter and bronzer have powder base in 60% and 40% of gel base that will ensure blending of product with skin. Natural elastomer matches with the skin and additionally ensures lasting and very precise make-up finish.

Infallible Sculpt – professionalism

Brand, most definitely bets on great quality of their products, which would be bought even by the best make-up artists. Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette is a professional cosmetic, that provides perfectly modelled face. Skin will look great in every conditions. Use of two shades will allow light play and face contour without smudges – brighter highlighter will give more volume and darker shade will have slimming down properties.